Customer Service Excellence Survey 2022


Customer Service Excellence survey 2022 - insights from Europe and Nordics

It is evident that the importance of understanding how to better meet customers’ various and changing demands has never been more important. So, how businesses handle customer requests and what can be improved in order to drive better customer experience?

We are glad to present you second, extended edition of Deloitte’s Customer Service Excellence Report 2022. The report tracks insights on factors that impact service excellence, a concept that incorporates both understanding the frontend and backend of the customer service function. 

The survey data was gathered from 3 regions: the Nordics, Central Europe and Western Europe where the Customer Service leaders from Nordics represent 29% of the answers.  Each question was intersected with customer satisfaction and employee satisfaction to explore the dynamics of how different factors affect their experiences.

We looked at Customer Service from various perspectives. Customer perspective  deep dives in contact channels and why customers contact customer service. Employee perspective provides insigh on how customer issues are solved and manager perspective how performance is measured. Board perspective offers valuable information for establishing priorities and investment plans.

Summary of the key insights

  1. Self-service on the rise! 
    How companies have grasped the value of investing and utilizing self-service opportunities? 
  2. Time to increase focus on personalization and customer care!
    What is the impact of personalized service in customer satisfaction? 
  3. Independent and empowered Customer Service Centers are the most effective
    How are Customer Service Centers organized to bring results?
  4.  Regional and industry variances
    All industries are focusing on enhancing their digital capabilities – what does this mean on practice? 

Report findings translate, create impact, and bring value to businesses across industries. Our dedicated team is more than happy to share tailored insights to your organization.

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