Leading experts in digital transformation create insightful customer experiences

At the end of December all eyes will be on Helsinki when the world’s hottest startups present themselves to thousands of companies and investors at Slush.

“Slush is a significant window into emerging innovations and also an excellent place for us to meet growth-oriented entrepreneurs and other stakeholders with whom we can create new success stories,” says Jukka-Petteri Suortti, a partner at Deloitte.

Recent years have seen a change in companies where customer experience has emerged as a key source of competitive advantage. Deloitte Digital was established five years ago to help organizations meet the challenges of the digital age by re-imagining businesses and by delivering and running the required solutions.

According to the ranking of Advertising Age, Deloitte Digital has grown in a short space of time into one of the world’s largest digital agencies. Deloitte Digital is now being rolled out across the Nordics.

“We support the success of our clients in three ways: we innovate and reimagine their businesses, we help them through their iconic transformations, and we design frictionless, award winning customer experiences and services for the clients. We do this through deep understanding of our client’s customers developed via application of service design, analytics and world-class digital expertise. We believe that a radical change is taking place in companies and the environment they operate in and no one will succeed if matters are examined only from one perspective. Success requires the combination of skills, expertise and viewpoints, and in this we excel,” Suortti explains.

From innovation to commercial success by understanding the customer

Deloitte Digital serves its clients globally through 27 studios and employing over 5,000 leading experts in digital transformation. A creative studio in Stockholm acts as the Nordic countries’ hub and the backbone for the local teams in all Nordic countries. The studio has been built around Mobiento, a globally recognized and award-winning digital agency, which was acquired by Deloitte Digital in 2015 and whose award cabinet includes for example five Cannes Lions.

A long-term client of Mobiento / Deloitte Digital is Volvo Cars for whom the agency have helped reimagine their connected car service by transforming Volvo’s original emergency call service into an award-winning, multipurpose mobile app Volvo On Call. The app allows drivers to, among other things, lock and unlock the car, control heater and air conditioning and report trip information. Latest extension of the service connects the car into a wider digital ecosystem converting the car into a driver’s personal, mobile parcel collection point. Volvo In-Car Delivery leverages location information for online deliveries: a 3rd party distribution partner can deliver purchases directly to vehicle’s trunk using the app’s remote control functionality.

Volvo owner’s real needs were studied at depth and on this basis redesigned and commercialized the technology in the car to a genuinely desirable service that has become a favourite amongst the Volvo drivers.

“This is a great manifestation of what digital means to us – applying human-centric design and cutting edge technology to create services that customers love, but which also fulfil the business goals of our clients” Suortti concludes.

“We have built our competence by acquiring world class boutiques, recruiting new types of people and from the experiences gained from working with the most exciting clients. We are constantly looking out for new talents to join our team of leading digital experts solving the most complex and exciting problems of our international clients. We cover both private and public sector and have the desire and courage to take our clients’ customer experience to a totally new level with all the tools that can be found from the digital toolkit,” Suortti concludes.

We are constantly looking out for new talents to join our team of leading digital experts! 

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