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Insight Driven Organisation (IDO) Survey 2020

How are you scaling analytics?

We know that data and analytics play a critical role in providing the insights that organisations need to make effective decisions – now more so than ever. In this new world, how will your organisation develop and utilise data and analytics tools to drive businesses, markets, and society to recover and thrive? Our global survey will help you reflect on your own analytics capabilities and data priorities across your organisation.

Overview of IDO Survey

In 2017, recognising that data and analytics are now as important to an organisation’s bottom line and business operations as more traditionally recognised departments, we launched our first annual Insight Driven Organisation (IDO) Survey. The aim of this was to begin to quantifiably understand what business challenges organisations are facing, and specifically how they are – or are not – using data to shape their future. Have they been able to embed analysis and reasoning into their decision-making processes? Do the right people have the right data at the right time? If not, why not?

Key Findings from Previous Year

  • 91% of our respondents believe analytics’ strategic value is recognised at their organisation
  • Close to 70% of our respondents report having a senior executive formally leading the analytics agenda
  • Almost half of our respondents do not believe they have adequate privacy and security controls to protect against cyber threat

Looking forward – IDO Survey 2020

Now that the why behind analytics has been established, organisations want to know how they can get more insights, better insights, faster insights. This is underpinned by a whole host of technical, organisational, and strategic transformations and difficulties. In the previous survey, our respondents highlighted the top three challenges as being data management, implementation of analytics, and industrialising analytical processes. How to overcome such challenges ‘at scale’ has become one of the main objectives that we aim to address in this year’s edition of the IDO Survey.

The results of the IDO Survey 2020 will be published later this year and we will share a copy of the aggregated report with all participants.

If you want to participate in the IDO Survey 2020 and you haven’t received the survey invitation, please contact Iina Laine ( or Jouni Alin (

In the meanwhile, you can read more about the survey results of the year 2018.

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