SAP S/4HANA Virtual Event on Selective Transformation

10.12.2020, 10.00-10.45 | Virtual Event

Selective transformation = rapid | value-focused | AI-enabled | cloud first


If your company is running SAP and is exploring ways of moving to S/4HANA, this session will interest you.

Many companies find that the greenfield approach, with a new implementation of an S/4HANA system starting from scratch, is an unrealistic scenario. On the other hand, a brownfield approach may not take your company to the next level, leaving it behind its competitions. But what if there was a third option, taking the best from both worlds? A selective transformation approach using cloud and AI to rapidly upgrade your SAP system to the S/4HANA digital core, moving just the right and required processes and data, leaving the rest behind.

Online event: Thursday December 10, at 10.00-10.45 a.m. UTC+2 | 45 min

David Colgan, Partner, SAP Nordics & Marianne Mia Jensen, Partner, SAP Nordics.

Key takeaways:
- How to transform from a “build to last” to a “build to evolve” core?
- How to do faster transformation scenarios at a lower cost and risk?
- How to get the best from two worlds?

Target group: CIOs, COOs, CFOs and people interested in SAP-enabled digital transformation scenarios.


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