The Kinetic Enterprise™: Built to evolve

A podcast series

Explore insights and ideas that can help you reimagine everything, transform your business with SAP® solutions, and address disruption head on.

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Podcast series overview

Future-proof your business with the Kinetic Enterprise—an enterprise built to evolve, no matter what tomorrow brings. This program takes a deep dive into topics that are top-of-mind for leaders today, offering essential guidance that can help you establish the four pillars of the Kinetic Enterprise:

  • Clean—unburdened by technical debt, such as legacy systems with tremendous amounts of custom code
  • Intelligent—leveraging data to build intelligence, unlock insights, and make an impact
  • Inclusive—operating with an extensive ecosystem of applications, services, and capabilities for driving improvements and innovation
  • Responsive—anticipating change and enabled by cloud technologies that allow the enterprise to scale in any direction, on demand

Episodes will be available bi-weekly on Friday’s at 16.00 UTC+3. Contact us at sap@deloitte.com for information on this or any other podcasts.

New episode sneak peek

The Kinetic Enterprise: Transforming travel and expense for the digital enterprise

September 18, 2020

Travel and expense (T&E) has been a neglected area in some organizations, even though it can represent a major cost center tied to multiple parts of the enterprise. The benefits of T&E transformation could be huge, offering an opportunity to intelligently manage spend and the workforce experience—in today’s environment and the post-COVID world. Listen in as Deloitte transformation leaders discuss how businesses can activate “built to evolve” T&E capabilities while tearing down information silos, building flexibility into sourcing, and redefining processes and culture. Join us as we look below the surface of traditional T&E to explore the intersection of procurement, finance, technology, the workforce, and revenue-focused activities such as sales. Discover strategies and leading practices for evolving your T&E capabilities to support the Kinetic Enterprise™.

The Kinetic Enterprise: Enabling your Digital Supply Network

October 2, 2020

The linear supply chain, driven by advanced technological capabilities, has rapidly evolved to become an integrated supply network. And this evolution requires organizations in every industry to adopt more responsive capabilities that are built to evolve. The challenge? To design digital supply networks to drive value —rather than improvise your response to counter disruption. Listen in as Deloitte supply chain transformation leaders discuss a new digital capabilities model for digital supply networks—designed to identify capability maturity gaps, establish performance metrics, and drive technology-enabled process improvements. Find out how the Association for Supply Chain Management (ASCM)—curator of the Supply Chain Operations Reference (SCOR) model—is collaborating with Deloitte to bring this new model to life for supply chain professionals.

The Kinetic Enterprise: Conquering the complexity of contingent workforce

October 16, 2020

Managing the contingent workforce can bring added dimensions of challenges, especially as the COVID-19 crisis requires organizations to rapidly respond to shifting labor needs. There’s a lot at stake—with procurement of external services and contract-based engagements representing a significant proportion of organizations’ spend. There’s also a lot to consider—from business processes to IT platform integration. Tune in as Deloitte transformation specialists discuss how you can build an integrated services procurement solution for reducing costs, decreasing cycle times, boosting efficiency, and increasing productivity. Our panel will cover leading practices for spend transformation, explore the potential bottom-line business benefits, share real-world transformation examples, and discuss how you can integrate solutions such as SAP Fieldglass®  and other SAP® technologies to support the “built to evolve” Kinetic Enterprise™.

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