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Covid-19’s impact on international development organizations 

Guidance for government and IDO leaders  

Within the rapidly evolving situation of Covid-19, governments of low- and middle-income countries (LMICs)—supported by International Development Organizations (IDO)—are taking a central role and will continue to do so throughout the outbreak. This article describes what kinds of scenarios LMICs may face during this crisis and practical steps they need to take.


Topics covered in this article:


  • Potential long-term impact for LMICs, including increased demand for health services and the need for sustained interventions for business and economic systems
  • Key questions IDOs and LMIC governments should be asking, such as what should finance ministries, central banks, and IDOs do to support businesses and citizens
  • Practical next steps governments can take, including use of data for real-time decision-making and developing programs that provide rapid benefits  
Understanding Covid-19’s impact on international development organizations