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Digital Payer Engagement

Recommendations based on payer research

Pharmaceutical companies frequently pursue robust digital or omni-channel commercial strategies largely targeted towards clinicians, however, communication with payers has traditionally remained face-to-face.

The global pandemic has forced companies to engage in more virtual interactions, but based on our research, very few pharma companies are getting this right.

We interviewed payers from seven countries to better understand their needs, their current and desired experience, and have developed recommendations on how to develop a successful digital payer engagement strategy. 

Some of our key findings include:

  • Payers are not satisfied with their current engagement experience
  • Digital engagement done right creates benefits for both payers and pharmaceutical companies
  • Digital will significantly transform how data and information are shared with and consumed by payers
  • Customization of engagement to geographic and payer type specificities is key to a successful digital engagement strategy


Digital Payer Engagement

Please find below a high-level summary the findings. If you are interested in the full report, including insights from external experts in the US, EU5, and China, please contact Thomas Croisier (tcroisier@deloitte.fr) or Jessica Weddle (jweddle@deloitte.fr).