Deloitte Christmas Charity Event

Helping is easy 

The Deloitte Christmas charity event took place on 20 December.

Due to the joint efforts and enthusiasm of our colleagues, this year we were able to help four families that are living under extremely hard conditions:

The Kviraia family – a single father of three children, all of them living in an old student dormitory.

The Dzodzuashvili family – a single mother of seven children living in a little rented room.

The Kvaratskhelia family – a single mother of four children living in a little rented room.

The Ubilava family – a single mother of two children, one of them with disabilities. 

For these families, we purchased various essential goods, as well as clothing, food and sweets. We have also bought washing machines for two families (Dzodzuashvili, Kvaratskhelia), a two-storey bed for the Kviraia family and a writing desk for the Ubilava family.

Additionally, our staff has donated clothing and toys which were divided according to the children’s ages and split between the four families.

Deloitte is proud to take part in such an important event and support those who are in need this holiday season.

We will continue to contribute to this good cause. It is only together that we can make a difference!

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