Humanitarian Innovation Program

Application process now open

The application process to this year’s Deloitte Humanitarian Innovation Program is now open. Through the Program, Deloitte member firm professionals work with humanitarian organizations to co-create and implement solutions to the sector’s most pressing challenges. Humanitarian organizations actively involved in crisis response are invited to share their innovative ideas to enhance their organizations’ readiness and preparedness to respond to crises through an application process.

Be prepared for new ways of thinking. Be prepared for new degrees of collaboration and innovation. Be prepared for positive change.

Announcing this year's Deloitte Humanitarian Innovation Program

The Deloitte Humanitarian Innovation Program is now open for applications from humanitarian organizations. This is a unique opportunity to leverage the core business skills of Deloitte member firm professionals to support your organization, on a pro bono basis. 

Apply to the Program

To apply to the program, humanitarian organizations must submit the following materials to by 23:59 BST Friday 18 July.

  1. Completed Application Form
  2. Signed Submission Agreement
  3. One year of financial statements or accounts

Refer to the Guidance Notes below or listen to our Launch Webinar to learn more about the Program and prepare your application.

For an Application Form, email

Entry criteria

The applicant organization must:

  1. Be actively involved in humanitarian action and response
  2. Provide one year of financial statements or accounts to demonstrate financial sustainability
  3. Be able to dedicate staff to work on co-delivery of the project with Deloitte member firm professionals
  4. Be in adherence with Deloitte’s independence requirements, particularly for audit clients.  If the applicant organization is an audit client of a Deloitte member firm, the organization should contact before submitting its application

If there are any questions about the application process, please contact

To learn more:

  • Click on the links below to read examples of projects delivered with humanitarian organizations:

Strengthening humanitarian leadership with UN OCHA

Scaling humanitarian response in times of crises with Save the Children International


Application guidance materials

Click on the download button to access the Deloitte Humanitarian Innovation Program Application guidance notes 2014 which describe the criteria to apply.

Participants selected in 2013

In 2013, Deloitte selected AtrocityWatch and the International Organization for Migration (IOM) to work with on a pro-bono basis as part of the Deloitte Humanitarian Innovation Program.

At Deloitte, we are committed to shaping innovations which are at the heart of change and progress. The projects proposed by these two organizations were selected from a large number of applicants as outstanding examples of all that the Deloitte Humanitarian Innovation Program aims to achieve.

Deloitte professionals are working with AtrocityWatch to help shape the development of a mobile enabled solution which will use person driven data from around the world to provide early warning of potential mass atrocities.

To help the International Organization for Migration more efficiently respond to crises, professionals from Deloitte Switzerland  and IOM are working together to improve co-ordination of response on the ground and inter-agency information management.

Once these projects are complete, Deloitte will share the ideas and solutions developed so that the whole humanitarian sector can benefit from and scale them.

Watch the video below, where DTTL CEO, Barry Salzberg introduces the Deloitte Humanitarian Innovation Program.

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