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Collaboration to drive progress

Business has an important role to play in driving true growth, but it cannot, and should not, do it alone.

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Social Progress networks

The complexity of the big societal challenges demands collaboration. Private, public, and civil sectors must work together to drive social progress.

The Social Progress Index can act as a catalyst. At the national and local level, the index’s results are bringing together business, government, and civil society to find innovative solutions to societal challenges.

Businesses are becoming increasingly aware of a symbiotic relationship with social progress and are keen to collaborate with governments and NGOs to address societal challenges. 

Deloitte Member firms are part of national Social Progress Networks in 9 countries with 21 initiatives, totalling 107 organizations. This includes collaboration between non-profits, government bodies, multinational corporations, and academic institutions.

"It is a great honor for Deloitte to contribute to the efforts involving Social Progress Imperative in Brazil. More than mature economies, emerging countries demand new ways to measure their social development standards.”

Juarez Lopes de Araújo
CEO, Deloitte Brazil

Social Progress at the regional level

On August 25th 2014, a new Social Progress Index for the Brazilian Amazon was released. The report, which measured the well-being of 24 million people, found that social progress in the resource and nature rich region was considerably lower than in the rest of Brazil. A lack of opportunity was found to be the most pressing problem Amazon residents faced. The report will be used to focus discussion around the social and environmental issues facing the region and may be used as a compass to guide management and public policies for the Amazon. The work was led by a research institute, Imazon, and supported by Deloitte Brazil through its leadership role in the Brazilian Partner Network, #ProgressoSocialBrazil.

You can read more about the methodology and the findings of the Social Progress Index for the Brazilian Amazon here.

"Studies like this one are essential for leaders across public, private, and civil sectors to gain a deep understanding of the challenges for regions, like the Brazilian Amazon"

Steve Almond
Global Chairman, Deloitte Global

Social Progress networks in the media

Deloitte member firms, as members of Social Prgress Networks, have received media coverage either through opinion pieces, thought leadership or quotes. Please see below for links to examples:

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