Audit of Financial Statements


Audit of financial statements 

More than just compliance

Not only do we audit the financial statements of companies in compliance with international standards, but we also help them achieve business objectives, strengthen risk management, and improve transparency.

Our purpose

At Deloitte, we are committed to bringing integrity and trust to capital markets, and doing the right thing in the public interest to enhance the value provided by our profession.We believe audit is more than an obligation; it is an opportunity to look further and deeper into a business. In our role as independent auditors, we enhance trust in the companies we audit, helping the capital market system function with greater confidence.

Why our clients choose Deloitte

Audit quality – Superior inspection results

We greatly value regulator reviews of our audit engagements and firm-wide quality control systems, a key aspect of evaluating our audit quality. The investments we have made in audit quality over the past several years have enabled us to achieve a leading position in the results of the most recent publicly disclosed regulatory inspections worldwide.

Nevertheless, Deloitte continues to strengthen and enhance its internal quality monitoring activities to meet the goal of zero non-compliant files across the organisation.

Smart audit based on technology

Our approach to high-quality audit is not about doing more—it’s about auditing smarter and more efficiently.

We use technology and innovation to:

  • automate repetitive tasks, giving us more time on key judgement areas;
  • ensure comprehensive evaluation of data sets;
  • identify anomalies and items of interest;
  • provide transparency of the audit progress;
  • streamline interactions in the audit process and reduce the burden on client’s employees; and
  • deliver timely and meaningful insights to clients.

While we have technology solutions for nearly every situation, we only deploy them where feasible and where they will realise the greatest quality, insight or efficiency benefits.

Client-focused audit delivery – The Deloitte Way

Each company is unique in terms of its business, scale, structure, strategy, processes and people. All these elements drive our audit strategy, which we develop and tailor to each individual client. This shapes all aspects of the audit delivery process:

  • the formation of teams with the right mix of subject and industry expertise;
  • partner-led risk assessment driven by industry-specific knowledge;
  • the creation of a detailed audit programme shaped by the client’s strategic priorities;
  • an audit timetable that is tailored to a client’s needs and responsive to the changing business challenges they face;
  • andcommunication with the client based on what they expect from the auditor.

A client-focused audit approach means that we can direct significant resources to the areas that matter most, and thereby deliver more assurance and valuable insights to our clients.

Transform your audit experience with Deloitte.