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Georgi Kharaishvili

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Giorgi Kharaishvili, Manager, Audit

I started working for Deloitte right after I graduated from one of the leading universities in Georgia in 2008. During the last year of my studies, I realized that I wanted to work in a professional services firm and for some reason Deloitte was the company which attracted me most. Within the first month of the employment, I realized that I made the right decision. The team spirit that I felt in the organization was very encouraging and motivating and this continues to be true today. I think this is one the distinguishing characteristics of Deloitte.

From my own experience, I understand that initially new-joiners may not fully understand what they are expected to do as audit assistants and may feel confused or even scared about this, but believe me very soon after joining Deloitte, you will feel the atmosphere in the organization, which will make you more confident, relaxed and motivated to work hard and learn as much as possible from professionals who are always happy to help and assist you through your career path.

Deloitte gives huge opportunities to study and develop yourself. There are boundless opportunities to learn and grow every day through the knowledge and experience shared by mentors and team members as well as various learning platforms existing in our global network.

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