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Ilia Gudushauri

I proud that I’m part of Deloitte’s global network of talented people.

Ilia Gudushauri, Senior, Audit

I graduated from a leading university - the Free University of Georgia - in 2010, and as a person who has always tried to get the best in life, I made a decision to launch my professional career here, at Deloitte. Now, after more than four years that I’ve spent at Deloitte, I realize that it was the right decision.

Deloitte has given me opportunities to develop myself both in a professional and personal capacity. Here, people driven by a desire to learn and grow have unlimited access to the knowledge that can be shared from experienced professionals and through various learning facilities, accessible using any device at anytime from anywhere.

Deloitte provides opportunities to build lifelong connections with colleagues and clients. Communication every day with colleagues who are sincerely interested in me and my future is something that inspires me and encourages me to be motivated.



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