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Leont janashia

When you work at Deloitte, you are excited by the work process, feel in demand, and understand what you do. I think people should start their careers with a strong firm that gives you the opportunity to learn, develop, and share your ideas and be part of an excellent team who cares about your future – that is why I think Deloitte is the right choice.

Leont Janashia, Manager, FAS

My career in professional services started in 2007 when I got my degree in ITM. Working at a Big 4 firm is a very challenging and motivating experience at the same time. I joined Deloitte in 2013, and since then, my professional development has increased significantly.

When you work at Deloitte, it is easy to be overwhelmed by the variety of training sessions, social events, and interesting meetings taking place around the office. In the beginning, you are flooded with a huge amount of information as both the firm and your fellow colleagues try to contribute to your development. Next, you start taking part in the development of other employees, contributing your own ideas and trying to make the learning process more productive and engaging.

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