Overview of the New Law on Entrepreneurs

Deloitte Academy online training

On 21 December Deloitte Academy held an online training session – “Overview of the New Law on Entrepreneurs”.

Training covered the following important topics:

  • Purpose of the reform
  • Incorporating and registering companies
  • Registry data and the presumption of reliability
  • Subscribed capital
  • Formation of company capital and shareholder contributions
  • Share classes of limited liability companies
  • Alteration of subscribed capital
  • Right of first refusal
  • Acquisition of shares by limited liability companies in their own capital
  • Fiduciary duties of directors
  • Derivative claims of shareholders
  • Expulsion of shareholders
  • Withdrawal of shareholders
  • Winding-up companies, liquidation

Representatives of Georgia’s leading companies across various industries attended the webinar. Participants were actively involved in the discussions.

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