Transforming Cybersecurity

New approaches for an evolving threat landscape

From the Deloitte U.S. Center for Financial Services

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Over the past three years, growth in cyber crime has continued, if not accelerated, in the financial services industry. U.S. financial services firms lost on average $23.6 million from cybersecurity breaches in 2013, which represent the highest average loss across all industries. While this trend is not to be ignored, these actual financial losses are sometimes not meaningful to firms' balance sheets. The potentially greater impact from cyber crime is on customer and investor confidence, reputational risk, and regulatory impact that together add up to substantial risks for firms.

The relatively static compliance or policy centric approaches to security found in many financial services firms can be long outdated. A new secure, vigilant and resilient strategy will have to be considered to effectively manage risks and drive innovation in the cyber world.

Learn how financial services firms can create a dynamic, intelligence-driven approach to cyber risk management to prevent, detect, respond to, and recover from the potential damages from cyber attacks by reading the report or the infographic.

Transforming Cybersecurity
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