CRS Classifier

The CRS Classifier is an automated tool developed by Deloitte professionals. Based on data entered into the tool, you can automatically determine the status of a legal entity or unincorporated entities for the purpose of OECD Common Reporting Standard (CRS).

Who needs the CRS Classifier and what does it do?

  • The CRS Classifier has been designed to help legal entities, their beneficiaries and unincorporated structures:

·         Identify the scope of CRS requirements for an organization or an entity to comply with, including the need to disclose beneficiaries

·         Fill out self-certification forms and provide information that supports a status in response to requests from financial institutions.

  • Financial institutions can also use the CRS Classifier to check whether the status provided by a client as part of the self-certification form is correct.


Key benefits:

  • With the CRS Classifier, it takes no more than 30 minutes* to identify a CRS status of an entity
  • The automated identification is based on data entered by the user. Entering data into the tool does not require technical expertise or involvement of external consultants
  • The CRS Classifier offers tips to help you find the necessary information for entering
  • The solution comes in both English and Russian and  updates automatically to reflect legislation amendments

* The amount of time specified excludes the time needed to collect information to be entered into the CRS Classifier.


The tool generates a brief report with all the information you may need to fill out a self-certification form, an automatically identified status and a short substantiation.