Leaders at all levels

Close the gap between hype and readiness

Leadership remains the top human capital concern — and the largest “readiness gap” in our survey. The need: develop new leaders faster, globalize leadership programs, and build deeper bench strength.

Leadership remains the No. 1 talent issue facing organizations around the world, with 85% of companies in our survey rating it as “urgent” or “important.” But only 14% of companies say they do an excellent job developing global leaders — the largest readiness gap in our survey.

Companies frequently say they want to strengthen their leadership pipeline, yet much of our research shows that corporate leadership capabilities are dropping. Perhaps because 21st century leadership is different, going beyond mastery of business skills. Today’s leaders should be globally aware, innovative, experienced in the business, and ready to make decisions quickly and with rigor. Read how companies are redesigning their entire strategy for leadership development, driving deeper skills faster, developing leaders globally, and building leadership at all levels on a continuous basis.

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