Organization Acceleration


Organization Acceleration

The new science of moving organizations forward

Today’s organizations are faced with tougher challenges and are continually pushed to make change happen faster. As human nature makes it difficult to speed up the way individuals change, the way organizations face and manage change must transform.

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Deloitte’s new framework for strategic change management consists of:

  • Insight: Analytics are increasingly used for change management, however the value arises from interpretation. It takes a combination of analytics and experience to turn information into insight which helps target exactly what needs to happen.
  • Precision tailoring: There is no single process by which people or organizations change. Organizations respond more effectively to solutions that are tailored to the way they operate, amplifying the need for a fine-tuned customization of the change management process.
  • Impact: An organization that has created change can sustain it by making it measurable. The impact also lasts longer when it is ingrained in the way people approach their work and through the organization’s cultural change.


Organization Acceleration - The new science of moving organizations forward

Deloitte’s thinking identifies leadership as the foundation for Organizational Acceleration – the condition that precedes all others. Our experience has found that leaders’ failure to execute strategic plans often contributes to the failure of organizational transformations.


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