2014 Gen Y Automotive Consumer Study


2014 Gen Y Automotive Consumer Study

Exploring consumer preferences in key markets around the world

Forces are changing the mobility landscape and affording consumers more choices than ever before in meeting their transportation needs. For automotive companies, these shifting consumer demands result in a number of complex questions that may ultimately impact their products and how they engage their customers.


To explore consumers’ mobility choices and transportation decisions, Deloitte fielded a survey in 19 countries with over 23,000 responses. This broad and diverse consumer demographic, both across countries and Gen Y, allowed for in-depth analysis through multiple lenses, including generational, socio-economic, gender, and many others.

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Nearly 2 billion strong worldwide, Gen Y (born 1977 – 1994) represents the largest and most influential consumer segment since  the Baby  Boomers. When it comes to getting from one place to another, they crave connectivity  and convenience, and frequently base their transportation  decisions on overall cost  and the  quality  of their customer  experience.  

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