Working capital optimisation


Working capital optimisation

  • Release additional cash by increasing liquidity
  • Define optimal working capital levels and develop mechanisms to maintain these levels
  • Ensure effective use of resources and stable cash flows

Goals and Challenges

Deloitte CIS offers a diversified approach, aimed at achieving fast results and improvements to the effectiveness of working capital management in the long term.

Working capital optimisation is achieved through comprehensive measures applied across all operational areas of your business including sales and procurement, inventory, payables and receivables management, and surplus cash management.

Effective management of every element of working capital is supported by comprehensive planning and continuing improvements, as well as by adherence to control procedures designed to increase liquidity. Our approach takes into account the interdependence of working capital elements:

  • Sales and accounts receivable
  • Inventories and production
  • Procurement and accounts payable

Our services

Key elements of our methodology

  • ’Quick wins’ implemented as soona s possible;
  • A complex approach that takes into account the interdependency of sales, procurement, inventory management, and the management of payables and receivables and ensures the best possible results are achieved;
  • Increasing the effectiveness of working capital management and sales and optimisation of procurement planning, while providing optimal working capital levels;
  • Effective control procedures for executing processes and identifying inefficiencies in order to secure a continuous increase in process effectiveness.

In order to see the maximum effect from optimising working capital, we form a team of specialists with extensive experience, expertise and skills in finance, sales and procurement management, logistics, manufacturing, development of  internal control systems, and tax optimisation.


  • Working capital converted into cash;
  • Quick and measurable effect with minimal  diversion of resources;
  • Transparent management system for maintaining optimal working capital levels;
  • A set of KPIs for integrated working capital management.

Our approach