Cyber risk solutions


Cyber risk solutions

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The practice of Deloitte in managing risks associated with the use of the latest technology and business automation helps companies streamline their business processes and maximise the potential of implemented technologies. Our goal is to drive clients towards achieving their operational and financial objectives by helping them assess, manage and mitigate cyber risks.

SAP system access management

A robust authorisation system, including a strategy for access control and its real-world application, is key to ensuring that SAP configuration complies with a company’s corporate governance, risk management and compliance requirements. SAP access control and authorisation management tools are tried-and-tested solutions for managing and controlling access, and are a component of SAP GRC.

Automated internal controls

Deloitte CIS can help you improve your existing internal control system and unlock the potential of SAP enterprise management software by embedding automated control procedures in SAP-supported business processes and ensuring effective management of manual and automated controls using SAP Process Control tool for SAP GRC products.

Automated risk management

Deloitte CIS can help you improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your risk management system by automating your risk management processes using the SAP GRC Risk Management tool.

Centralised security event monitoring using SAP ETD

A properly built information security (IS) event monitoring process based on the SAP ETD solution will:

  • Enable automatic identification of IS events in SAP systems;
  • Speed up the detection of incidents and vulnerabilities in SAP systems by eliminating the need for time-consuming manual checks;
  • Provide a long-term evidentiary record that can be referred to in the event of wrongdoing;
  • Categorise, standardise and thoroughly analyse IS events;
  • Reduce actual and potential losses due to such incidents.

When implementing SAP ETD, we perform a comprehensive analysis of the client's system landscape architecture. A security assessment helps us identify current IS risks, determine detailed technical requirements for monitoring, and create processes and solutions  that can both quickly identify IS incidents and track relevant events until the issue has been resolved.