Deloitte Academy Training

Updated IFRS Standards for Long-Term Assets and their impact on Taxation  

On 10 March, Deloitte Academy held a training session on “Updated IFRS Standards for Long-Term Assets and their impact on Taxation” in the King David conference room.

The topics covered by Deloitte Audit and Tax professionals during the training session included:

1. IFRS 5, IFRS 16, IAS 16 and IAS 40;
2. Property tax requirements of the Tax Code/related tax legislation; the latest approaches to IFRS accounting;
3. Non-conventional approaches based on manuals/situational guidelines issued by the tax authorities and in tax dispute cases;
4. VAT implications in relation to the fixed assets.

Representatives of Georgia’s leading companies across various industries attended the seminar.
Participants were actively involved in the workshop, which proved to be very interesting and productive based on positive feedback from the attendees.
Participants were awarded with certificates at the end of the training.

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