Tax incentives in Russia


Tax incentives in Russia 2013

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The changing business environment in Russia is bringing forth new opportunities for investors. Tax incentives are a useful tool for increasing business profitability and thus maximising the potential of these opportunities.

In this information bulletin we provide a brief overview of the Russian tax incentives that might benefit your business. We trust you will find this leaflet helpful in planning or enhancing your Russian operations.

The most important types of tax incentive in Russia are as follows:

  • The standard profit tax rate of 20% may be reduced to 0%
  • The standard property tax rate of 2.2% (of the net book value of immovable fixed assets) may be reduced and certain types of asset may even be exempt
  • The standard social security contribution rate of 30% on annual remuneration up to a cap*, plus 10% on annual remuneration exceeding the cap, may be reduced to 14%
  • Special VAT and customs regimes.
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