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2014 SAP Pinnacle Award

Marketing Momentum

SAP has selected Deloitte as the winner in the Marketing Momentum category of the SAP Pinnacle Awards 2014. As SAP’s premier global partner recognition program, the Pinnacle Awards are presented annually to the top SAP alliance partners that have excelled in developing and growing their partnership with SAP and driving customer achievements.

This year, our global SAP practice stood out among the competition and was honored with the Marketing Momentum award, which recognizes the partner that has leveraged SAP marketing resources to deliver an impactful, industry-leading campaign demonstrating how SAP technology is making a difference in people’s lives.

What does success in collaboration really look like?  For SAP, the answer is clear.  

Each year the company evaluates its collaborations on four categories:  Co-innovation, market expansion, service delivery and sustainability.  For insights on these key pieces of the partnership puzzle, they solicited input from their own customers and field leaders, and analyzed key performance indicators. And in the end, Deloitte won.  

That’s a big vote of confidence in a partnership that has stood the test of time. Just as important, it’s a key to the future of our shared success on behalf of clients

SAP Pinnacle Awards 2014 Winner

“Earning this recognition was truly a team effort,” observed Jan Waals, Global SAP Practice Leader. “It reflects the effectiveness of our internal marketing team; the assistance of our practitioners and leaders; the support of our SAP counterparts who work as advocates for us; and the backing of our clients who are willing to tell their stories. Congratulations to our marketing team and everyone who pulled together to take our global visibility to new heights.”

Helen Tomas, Associate Director, Global SAP Alliance Marketing, concurred:  “Leveraging global resources, programs and campaigns was key to our success — so much so, that our award submission, which detailed our efforts in each region, was 18 pages long. This award recognizes the amazing job of a superb team who, while stretching around the globe with very little resources, somehow makes it happen — every time!”

In addition to winning the Marketing Momentum award, Deloitte was a finalist in four other Pinnacle Award categories:

•           Rapid-deployment Partner of the Year

•           Services Transformation

•           Cloud Services Partner of the Year

•           Quality Partner of the Year

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