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SAP goes to work in Buenos Aires

2,000 square miles. 450,000 trees. 125,000 lights. 54,000 sidewalks. 30,000 drains. 27,000 roads. All critical components of Buenos Aires’s infrastructure – and all managed on paper. Until Deloitte helped get SAP solutions on the job.

For years, Buenos Aires, one of the largest cities in the world, relied on a mix of basic spreadsheets and written documents to manage the assets that comprise its public spaces – everything from sidewalks and trees to lights and drains.  As the city grew and faced more pressure from its growing population, this approach wasn’t getting the job done.  That’s where SAP solutions came in, helping the city improve its response to citizen requests, manage supplier relations more effectively, streamline administrative processes, and contribute to more transparent budgeting.  This is what responsive government in the 21st century looks like.

Answering the call

Deloitte customized SAP software to centralize and integrate data across multiple departments within the city government. We developed a business strategy for each application, providing onsite support. After four years, the city is better able to integrate information to respond more quickly to citizen needs. Read the case study to learn how Deloitte helped make infrastructure management more nimble and responsive in Buenos Aires.

Answering the call

SAP Insider Profiles: City Government of Buenos Aires Better Serves Its Citizens 

New SAP Platform Modernizes How the City Maintains Public Spaces

City Government of Buenos Aires Better Serves Its Citizens

Bringing efficient solutions to the people of Buenos Aires: A Powerful Journey of Improvement

Deloitte began working with the administration of the Buenos Aires government in 2009 with a goal to upgrade, modernize, and improve the city's information system.  Over time, we built a strong team--Deloitte, SAP, and city administration--that was committed to implement an integrated maintenance system that would make processes more proactive, get complaints resolved more quickly, and run operations more efficiently.   

Watch the video below to learn how people and technology have worked together to make the city run more smoothly.

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