family network business


Together we are stronger in addressing Family Business issues

Deloitte has many assets for serving families and their businesses: a focused cross-border Family Business leadership team in EMEA, a network of family business champions on the field, and a number of eminent thought leaders across the network, all supported by a regional Family Business Centre acting as a knowledge and research catalyst.

We recognize that Family Businesses are an important market segment, both locally and internationally. By country, this segment is sometimes named differently (i.e. Middenstand in Germany, or Private Markets in the UK).

Deloitte has family business specialists across its network who focus on bringing value to our clients anywhere in the world ensuring that both their local and international needs are addressed.

We also have on board a number of very eminent individuals, market specialists, and university professors who contribute continuously to Deloitte’s eminence in all matters of relevance to Family Businesses.

You can find their names and contact coordinates by geography in the tables below.