Global Mobile Consumer Survey 2015


მობილური კავშირის ბაზრის 2015 წლის საერთაშორისო კვლევა 

მოხარული ვართ წარმოგიდგინოთ რუსეთის მობილური კავშირის ბაზრის კვლევის მეოთხე გამოცემა. ეს კვლევა საერთაშორისო კვლევის ნაწილია, რომელიც 31 ქვეყანაში განხორციელდა.

იხილეთ სრულად

Nowadays no one is surprised by the fact that mobile communication has become an irreplaceable service for most of us, while modern mobile phones of any price have embodied features of other gadgets and became our daily essentials. Over the past two years, smartphone penetration in Russia have almost doubled thus reaching the level of developed countries. The evolving functionality of devices impacts consumer behavior and opens new communication channels for all those in the loop.

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To what extent users got addicted to these personal-pocket-multifunctional centers of communication and entertainment? What is the difference between those ‘addicted’ and the ‘moderate’ ones? Check out the answers and more in our infographics.


Base: All adults aged 18–75

2, 3, 5, 8, 9 Base: All adults aged 18–75 who use a phone or smartphone

4 Base: All adults aged 18–75 who use a smartphone

6 Base: All adults aged 18–24 who use a phone or smartphone

Base: All adults aged 18–75 who have not used their phone for in-store payment

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