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Deloitte at WEF regional summits

In addition to the Annual Meeting at Davos and the Annual Meeting of New Champions in China, the Forum convenes a number of regional summits each year. These events focus on determining the critical actions necessary to deal with regional challenges and improve competitiveness. They provide a platform for business, political and civil society leaders to take a greater role in global governance and secure the prosperity of their countries and regions.

In 2016, Deloitte will participate in all four regional meetings, and officially support meetings in Rwanda and Colombia.



The 2016 World Economic Forum Annual Meeting of New Champions

The Annual Meeting of New Champions took place in Tianjin, Peoples Republic of China on 26-28 June. The summit was expected to convene 1,900 business leaders, policy-makers and experts from over 90 countries to discuss the following subthemes:

  • Reshaping Growth: How will China’s new Five-Year Plan for socioeconomic development and the next generation of emerging market entrepreneurs drive global and regional growth?
  • Redesigning Systems: How will the Fourth Industrial Revolution transform industry sectors and systems of production?
  • Rethinking Innovation: How can breakthroughs and innovations in basic research, technology and business models shape social and economic systems?

Deloitte University Press is proud to present the following insight from the edge:   

The hero’s journey through the landscape of the future

The forces of the Big Shift are driving both fragmentation and consolidation, fundamentally changing the nature of the relationships among businesses.

Is China getting the 4th industrial revolution right?  By Gary Coleman

While modernizing the shop floor with exponential technologies will keep China a strong player in the manufacturing game, this use of exponential technologies is limited in its vision.

Deloitte will be represented by:

  • Gary Coleman, Advisor, Global Industry, Deloitte USA (Head of delegation)
  • Jeffrey Carbeck, Specialist Leader, Advanced Materials and Manufacturing, DC Innovations
  • John Hagel, Co-Chairman, Centre for the Edge
  • Yasutoki Ishiguro-san, Partner, Deloitte China
  • Rosa Yang, Chairman, Global Chinese Services Group
  • Tian Bing Zhang, Partner, Deloitte China

Featured sessions include:

Gary Coleman, Head of Delegation, introduced the “Towards a New Production Paradigm” session on Tuesday 28 June at 09:30-10:15, in the Meijiang Convention and Exhibition Center. This sessionl discussed what advanced manufacturing actually means in today’s complex global production systems and how the public and private sectors are working together to define a new production paradigm.

John Hagel was the discussion lead for an Innovator Hub session called ‘Data in the Driver’s Seat’ on Sunday 26 June, from 15:45-16:15. The session focused on how the avalanche of data will transform the way we think about business. It was an informal dialogue on strategic business decisions to harness the Fourth Industrial Revolution. 

The 2016 World Economic Forum on ASEAN

The World Economic Forum on East Asia took place in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia on 1-2 June. Delegates convened under the theme “Shaping the ASEAN Agenda for Inclusion and Growth”, which integrated the following dimensions:

  • Driving Sustainable Growth and Social Inclusion 
  • Mastering the Fourth Industrial Revolution
  • Strengthening Regional Relationshipst

Deloitte’s delegation includes:

  • Tan Theng Hooi, CEO, Deloitte Malaysia
  • Jiak See Ng, Corporate Finance Advisory Leader, Singapore and South-East Asia, Deloitte Singapore
  • Janson Yap, Enterprise Risk Services Leader, Asia-Pacific, Deloitte Singapore
  • Philip Yuen, CEO, Deloitte Singapore

The 2016 World Economic Forum on Latin America

The World Economic Forum on Latin America took place in Medellin, Colombia, on 16-17 June 2016. Delegates convened under the theme “Reigniting Latin America's Inclusive Growth”, which integrated the following key issues:

  • Navigating regional and global priorities
  • Strengthening regional resilience
  • Leading for a prosperous future

Deloitte was represented by the following delegates:

  • Alejandro Adem, Clients and Industries Leader, Deloitte LATCO (Argentina)
  • César Cheng, Chairman, Deloitte LATCO (Colombia)
  • Gary Coleman, Americas Clients & Industries lead, Deloitte US
  • Os Mata, Americas Consulting and Technology Leader, Deloitte Global
  • Erick Calvillo – Industry Adviser Latin America Competitiveness Lab project, Deloitte Mexico

The 2016 World Economic Forum on Africa

The World Economic Forum was held in Kigali, Rwanda, on 11-13 May. The theme for the summit was “Connecting Africa's Resources through Digital Transformation”, which integrated the following sub-themes:

  • Governance & Institutions
  • Finance & Growth
  • Human Development & Entrepreneurship

Deloitte was represented by:

  • Kevin Black, Leader, Clients and Industries, Africa, Deloitte South Africa
  • Trevor Brown, Chairman, Deloitte South AfricaTrevor Brown, Chairman, Deloitte South Africa
  • Gary Coleman, Advisor, Global Industry, Deloitte USA
  • Joseph Eshun, Deputy Chief Executive Officer, East Africa, Deloitte Tanzania
  • Thiru Pillay, MD for Consulting, Deloitte Africa
  • Shay Eliaz, Advisor for New Vision for Agriculture project, Deloitte USA
  • Pradeep Prabhala, Advisor for Redesigning Development Finance project, Deloitte USA

Gary Coleman, Head of Delegation, spoke on the session "Investing in the World's Next Growth Engine" on the private community program of the summit. The session focused on several key questions on what is required to enable sustainable investment ecosystems in Africa. Pradeep Prabhala moderated the masterclass “Building and Strengthening Country-led Partnerships” as part of the Grow Africa Investment Forum.  

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