CFO Survey Report for Ghana


2015 Deloitte West Africa CFO Survey Report

Out of their comfort zones. CFOs rise to the challenge.

The Deloitte annual CFO surveys unveil the current mind-set of CFOs in Africa and beyond. In Africa, this year’s Deloitte CFO Survey received an overwhelming response from CFOs in South, Southern, East and West Africa. The survey reports promise to be the most comprehensive reflection of African CFOs’ views yet – with 70% of CFO survey participants from companies with an international footprint. They reveal valuable insights into what is top of mind for CFOs, as well as the underlying drivers of the business approach and strategic choices of these CFOs.

CFO Survey Report for Ghana

Deloitte Africa is proud to present its eighth Deloitte CFO Survey, which incorporates insights of 260 CFOs in Africa.

CFOs across Africa share their views on current business risks, political risks, CFO strategies and the economic climate in Africa.

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  • Key insights into the CFO mind set
  • Current and future operations
  • Funding and cash flow
  • Business strategies
  • Domestic and political challenges
  • The role of the CFO
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As an integrated African firm, Deloitte is intent on equipping finance leaders with some of the tools and support they need to meet their day to day challenges. This report is one such tool and it is hoped the information and insights recorded here will be of value to the firm’s valued clients and readers.

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CFO Survey Infographic for Ghana

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