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Published Articles

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All aboard! Amtrak talent initiative gathers steam

Find out how iconic railway company Amtrak fast-tracked its hiring and talent management processes by strategically implementing multiple SuccessFactors solutions. Faced with steadily growing ridership and the need to make 2,500 new hires per year, the company drew upon SuccessFactors’ talent and workforce analytics solutions to streamline its processes, improve talent, and invest in its workforce.

All aboard
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Are there clouds in your future? Choosing your SAP ERP HCM and SuccessFactors strategy

It is becoming abundantly clear that cloud computing has a future in many enterprises. Organizations are already moving their processes and transactions to the cloud to save time, money, and resource efforts. The promise of the cloud is irrefutable: faster deployments, predictability of costs, less reliance on in-house IT, and functionality that meets the needs of the next generation of HR management initiatives.

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Drilling Deep with SAP HANA®

Since its founding in 2008, Houston-based Pacific Drilling has become a premier ultradeepwater drilling contractor in the oil and natural gas industry, growing aggressively to about 1,200 employees. It also owns four technologically advanced drillships (with another four being built) that operate in some of the most remote locations in the world. However, the company wasn’t able to track performance at the desired level, and its SAP ERP system was overdue for an upgrade. The combination of these two factors pointed in one direction: toward SAP HANA™. SAP HANA’s in-memory computing capabilities could help Pacific Drilling achieve its aggressive goals for performance tracking and management. And timing the move to SAP HANA with an overall SAP ERP upgrade could help provide that efficient approach. With assistance from Deloitte's network of member firms, the company did both—implemented SAP HANA and upgraded its ERP system—within an aggressive timeline.

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Everywhere Analytics: How the Internet of Things Helps Provide Deep Insights and Real-Time Business Process Transformation

The emerging Internet of Things (IoT) represents a world in which nearly any item — whether it’s an athletic shoe, an auto part, a medical device, or an industrial gauge — can be equipped to share data on its status. But how does this affect the business? In the IoT vision, individuals can take action based on that data and related alerts to adjust exercise habits, service cars, treat patients, manage assembly lines, and so on all in real time. But IoT is about more than just things, and it’s about more than making informed decisions: It’s about enabling organizations to track, count, observe, identify, evaluate, and act in circumstances that in the past were beyond reach.

Everywhere Analytics
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Free up IT and focus on new business innovation - Shifting application management to the cloud can help reduce costs and increase efficiency

Cloud computing, though simple in concept, holds tremendous potential for addressing some of the most complex business challenges today. As a tool that can free up IT resources and allow organizations to concentrate more on business innovation, cloud computing offers a path to results that matter. Ultimately, shifting to the cloud can help reduce costs and increase efficiency.

Business innovation
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Getting started with SAP Simple Finance - The reality behind three misconceptions about the SAP HANA-based application

SAP® Simple Finance, a set of solutions backed by SAP HANA® and able to be deployed in SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud, offers cohesive, real-time financial insights as well as the ability to pull those insights from systems beyond an organization’s central financial system into a web-enabled user interface, SAP Fiori®. Understanding some simple truths about SAP® Simple Finance is a key first step for organizations seeking to unlock new insights and new value.

SAP Simple Finance
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HR and People Analytics: Stuck in Neutral - 4 Tips for Jumpstarting Your Journey Toward Data-Driven HR

People analytics are transforming the way organizations manage their operations and workforces, enabling companies to assess and act on everything from productivity and performance to employee engagement and satisfaction. HR organizations in particular can use this type of analytics to help address complex challenges such as employee retention and talent acquisition. Despite these benefits, many companies are stuck in neutral due to a lack of understanding about what it means to build strong analytics capabilities. In a Deloitte survey, 75% of companies recognized that people analytics were “important,” but just 8% thought their organizations were “strong” in this area. Here are a few suggestions to help jumpstart your organization’s understanding of people analytics and set you on the path toward data-driven HR.

People Analytics
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New Expectations, New Tools - How SAP S/4HANA Finance Addresses Top Challenges for Finance Leaders

Finance leaders operating in a challenging business environment focus on reducing costs, honing leadership skills, and developing new finance talent. Discover how SAP S/4HANA Finance can serve as a critical tool for helping the finance team accomplish these three key objectives.

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SAP CFO Luka Mucic: Driving insight with in-memory technology

With the growing interconnectivity and complexity of global business, CFOs and the finance organization are increasingly expected to act as their company’s nerve center and navigator, communicating and collaborating with a wide range of business partners, each of which brings its own issues, systems, and ways of doing business. New finance tools using cloud computing and in-memory database technology can help finance leaders simplify their operating environment, and access and deliver data in real time. In this discussion with Deloitte’s John Steele, Luka Mucic, CFO and chief operating officer of SAP SE, offers insights from his experience helping organizations migrate to new finance systems based on SAP HANA®, the in-memory data platform.

SAP CFO Luka Mucic
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SAP Insider Profiles: City Government of Buenos Aires better serves its citizens

In the Buenos Aires area, the Gobierno de la Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires (GCBA) serves about 13 million citizens and maintains hundreds of thousands of objects—from tree to roads. To do that, GCBA handles hundreds of thousands of documents—from claims forms to contractor files. To better manage its information challenge, GCBA leaders decided they needed a new, more integrated system. The solution? SAP® ERP functionality customized to fit the unique needs of the city. The benefits of the transformation have included improved response to citizen requests and more transparent budgeting.

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Secure, Vigilant, Resilient - How Companies Can Keep Pace with the Evolving Threats of Modern Business

Despite heightened attention and an unprecedented level of security investment from organizations, the number of cyber incidents and their associated costs continue to rise. Increasingly sophisticated hackers cause some to question whether security is even possible in today’s rapidly evolving landscape of cyberattacks. The very innovations that drive business growth and value — such as the proliferation of sensitive data and the mobile access that employees often have to it — create cyber risks that, if not checked, can outweigh the business benefits the organization is seeking. To stay secure, vigilant, and resilient in a rapidly evolving landscape of cyber threats, companies need to identify the top risks they face and develop a sound cyber risk program that includes software such as SAP solutions for governance, risk, and compliance (SAP solutions for GRC).

secure vigilant resilient
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The Employee Resources Team at Snohomish County PUD Stays Competitive with SAP SuccessFactors Solutions for Human Capital Management

If you are looking for a job — especially if you are a millennial or a Gen Xer — chances are your search won’t span outside what is posted on the internet. And if you encounter a job posting where you are asked to physically print out an application, sign it, and mail it in, you will most likely discount that position immediately in favor of one you can apply for right from your computer or phone. Job seekers of 2015 are looking to work for companies that are both innovative and progressive. Companies interested in recruiting and retaining employees need to think seriously about their talent management strategies and how to prepare their business for the digitalization that prospective and current employees expect and demand. If you are a business looking to attract and hire talent in an area where your competition is companies like Microsoft, Google, Nike, Starbucks, Costco, Amazon, Nordstrom, Expedia, and Boeing, recruiting — especially of millennials and Gen Xers — can be a bit of a challenge.

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The next revolution in analytics: SAP S/4HANA - Reshape business processes on the fly with real-time insight

The word “analytics” often conjures images of after-the-fact investigations — big-picture analyses that can provide insight for strategic planning and smarter decision making in the future. Many people view analytics as a tool that makes them wiser in a holistic way, but don’t see how it can be applied to routine, daily tasks. With the right solutions and applications, however, analytics capabilities can provide insights instantly during specific but commonplace business processes — whether it’s something like producing a sales quote or making everyday procurement decisions.

Revolution in analytics
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