Audit Assurance

The global economy and today's complex and dynamic environment more than ever require accurate financial reporting and trusted advisors.

Our audit services go beyond merely meeting statutory requirements. We help our clients perform better. We listen to their needs, think about the business implications, and tailor our approach accordingly.

The Deloitte Approach

Prior to carrying out our audit we meet with you to determine your needs, expectations, and professional service requirements. Our proprietary audit software, AuditSystem/2™, incorporates our Smart Audit Support technology, which helps us to identify and assess risks, evaluate internal controls, and develop an effective and efficient audit plan. The Deloitte approach is risk-based, which means that we get to the heart of the issues that affect your business and your financial statements.

Our Audit Services Include:

  • Statutory and non statutory audits of financial statements prepared in accordance with international or local GAAP


  • Regulatory reporting assurance


  • Internet audit outsourcing