Tourism, Hospitality & Leisure

With over 11.7 million visitors in 2012 and total tourists spending in excess of £244 million, tourism is one of the pillars of Gibraltar’s economy.

The last few turbulent years have fundamentally changed the world, and no industry has been more impacted than travel and tourism. Concerns about security, global conflicts, health, travel restrictions — and even shifting weather patterns — have altered the way people think about business and vacation travel.

Through working with key players within the hotel, hospitality and tourism industry in Gibraltar, we are very aware that as the industry grows, organisations are being faced with increasingly complex issues on financing, operational excellence, asset ownership, emerging technologies and growth.

Our Tourism, Hospitality & Leisure team can help you see the industry's current challenges as opportunities. We are also able to complement our local knowledge and experience by drawing on the international Deloitte network of expertise to provide global solutions for our clients. The HotelBenchmark™ Survey by Deloitte is the market leader in monitoring global hotel performance giving a unique overview of industry trends.  We track more than 420 markets across 140 countries on a daily and monthly basis – creating the world’s largest hotel performance database to give you the competitive information you need to run your business.

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