Gibraltar Real Estate

The evolving landscape

The rapid expansion of Gibraltar’s economy has seen numerous luxury housing developments coming onto the marketplace. Given Gibraltar’s limited size, land and property are set to remain at prime.

When real estate is one of your organization’s major assets, there’s no shortage of interested stakeholders — and pressing issues. In reviewing what’s often the biggest item on the balance sheet, you’re charged with managing the actual real estate entity, aligning it with your corporate strategy, ensuring compliance to regulatory requirements from all levels of government, and dealing with the concerns of private citizens.

At Deloitte we recognise this. Our approach is to understand the requirements of your business and develop solutions that address these directly and practically. Our team brings together experts with many years of industry and professional experience in tackling the complex issues surrounding construction, property ownership and leasing. 

The breadth and depth of our team allows us to address our clients' needs, whether the issues are the impact of changing accounting standards or tax legislation, identifying and managing risks in major development opportunities, creating value from an occupiers' estate or reviewing and advising on financing options and proposals.

Real Estate Survey 2013

A snapshot of one of Gibraltar's most of important business sectors.

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