Indirect Tax

Gibraltar does not charge any sales taxes or VAT. Although Gibraltar is part of the European Union, it managed to negotiate certain derogations from the EU treaty when it became a member. One of these derogations was the need to not have to charge VAT.

Another derogation obtained on becoming an EU member was exclusion from the Customs Union, therefore Gibraltar charges import duty on goods (except food) imported into Gibraltar at various rates usually between 0% and 12% on the landed cost value of the goods (includes insurance and freight), except for motor vehicles where higher rates are charged.

Import Duty & Excise Duty


Goods Private Imports
Dealer Imports
Petrol/Diesel Motor Vehicles (under 1500cc)
25% 15%
Petrol/Diesel Motor Vehicles (over 1500cc but under 2000cc) 30% 18%
Petrol/Diesel Motor Vehicles (over 2000cc) 35% 22%
Hybrid Vehicles (under 1500cc) 12.5% 2%
Hybrid Vehicles (over 1500cc but under 2000cc) 15% 2%
Hybrid Vehicles (over 2000cc) 17% 2%
Motor Cycles (Four stroke engines under 50cc) 12% 6%
Motor Cycles (Four stroke engines over 50cc) 30% 15%
Motor Cycles (two stroke engines) 30% 30%
Gold Bullion 6%  


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