Tax Overview

Gibraltar is a low tax jurisdiction that assess companies and individuals on income "accruing in or derived from" Gibraltar. The corporate tax rate is 10% and individuals are charged at an effective rate of no more than 25% (although there is a special tax status for high net worth individuals that is lower). Gibraltar has no VAT, no capital gains tax and no wealth or inheritance tax.

As an EU jurisdiction, our Government, and our professionals, are committed to being responsible EU citizens. With strong regulation, up to date anti-money laundering legislation and practice, the highest standards of compliance and cooperation with all jurisdictions on tax information exchange, Gibraltar consistently proves itself   to be at the forefront of the drive to eliminate tax evasion.

Gibraltar has already signed 27 tax exchange information agreements, and is ready to sign with any jurisdiction. It has implemented all EU directives, including the directive on mutual assistance in tax matters, effectively, signing a tax exchange information agreement with all EU countries, entered into an Intergovernmental agreement with the UK and about to with the US to implement FATCA, and has joined the E5 group, now effectively expanded to 37 countries, to implement with each other a pilot programme on the automatic exchange of information on tax matters.

Responsible companies and individuals looking to base themselves in a first class, tax efficient jurisdiction that has the highest standards of compliance with all international initiatives, would do well to consider Gibraltar.

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