International e-Business

The digital and electronic revolution has entirely changed the way business is done in today's global economy. It allows business transactions to be made from virtually any place in the world.

In looking at Gibraltar as a suitable location for an e-business venture, there are some specific advantages that make it highly appealing.

Why Gibraltar?

  • The  liberalization and regulation of telecommunications, The Electronic Commerce Act (TECA 2001) and the adoption of EU directives into local legislation give Gibraltar a great advantage over other offshore jurisdictions competing in the same marketplace. 
  • Gibraltar's unique situation as an associate member of the EU whilst being exempt from VAT makes it a valuable location for e-business. This demonstrated by the growth of e-business/e-commerce companies aimed at both local and international consumers.
  • Gibraltar offers a very tax efficient structure for e-Business, given that income generated outside Gibraltar may be exempt from corporate tax.
  • For financial services Gibraltar offers a unique E-money license, allowing institution to issue means of payment in the form of electronic money
  • The establishment of blue chip gaming companies together with the flourishing financial services sector has meant that Gibraltar provides and maintains modern, high quality technologies to cater for such businesses. Moreover, Gibraltar's telecommunication operators deploy the latest technology to suit any commercial needs.

What we can do for you.

Our e-business services focus on the identifying business opportunities available online and assisting our clients to exploit them before their competitors do.

The range of services includes:

  • Development of online strategies
  • Preparation of business plans
  • Valuation of Intellectual Property and other intangible assets
  • Assistance with E-money license applications
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