Posted: 17 Jun. 2020 5 min. read

Webinar: Recover and Thrive: Regulating Mobility in a Disrupted World

Duration of the webinar: 90 minutes

Deloitte and the Global Government Forum recently brought together leaders from the public and private sectors to explore how governments can accelerate data sharing in the transport sector, create regulatory frameworks to safeguard privacy and competition, and improve the efficiency of transport networks.

As a new mobility paradigm emerges, how can governments support data-sharing between transport strategists, planners, and operators? Data analysis is an increasingly essential tool for regulators and other public transit decision-makers. This is especially the case as transit systems adjust to dramatic changes resulting from government efforts to control the COVID-19 pandemic, enabling managers to understand user patterns as they fluctuate due to stay-at-home orders or lockdowns.

Access the webinar recording to hear the perspectives of public and private sector leaders who exchanged insights and ideas around how we can get data—and transit users—moving more safely and easily.

Watch webinar here

No time to watch the webinar?  Check out the article that recaps the presentation in the Global Government Forum.