Leveraging technology to support recovery and deliver lasting change

As the ramifications of COVID-19 continue to impact the global economy, technology is a powerful weapon in every organization’s arsenal to help them recover effectively and decisively.

Tech & Digital

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CIO Program


In these uncertain times created by the COVID-19 pandemic, it is more important than ever to keep technology leaders informed and prepared to meet today’s demands and move ahead with confidence.

Deloitte’s CIO & Tech Leadership Programme has a suite of innovative offerings that help senior leaders get ahead – and stay ahead – of the challenges and changes facing business, digital technology and their executive roles:


Technology Research & Insights

Through market-leading insights into technology trends, tech leadership benchmarking studies and actionable thought leadership we enable leaders organisations - including our own - to make considered investments in disruptive technologies and be ahead of the curve.

Transition, Team and Accelerator Labs

Based on targeted research and more than 1000 conversations with global executives, we have crafted an exclusive experience to support Tech Leaders understand their priorities and create their legacy.

Events & Forums

By facilitating a wide range of additional events globally, we provide senior business and technology executives with opportunities to meet, share and learn together as part of a wider leadership community.

Next Generation Academy

The academy identifies high-performing, high-potential future technology leaders. It prepares them for the diverse and challenging responsibilities they will face when they take the step up to a CXO position.

Executive Women in Tech (EWIT)

We bring together current and next generation female technology leaders from across industry to build a powerful community network for honing skills and influencing the future landscape for female technology practitioners.

Explore our CIO Insider page for more information.

Key contact: Mark Lillie 

The most useful investment of my time in personal development in a long, long, time

- CTO of large retail bank

Tech & Digital Perspectives: How COVID-19 is shaping the future through digital business

    Tech Strategy & Transformation 


    The challenges placed on technology leaders are among the most multi-dimensional in which organizations have had to grapple. Virtually overnight, they have been asked to support a broad sweep of new pressures—changing customer demands to digital channels, reconfigured supply chains, evolving workforce collaboration and a litany of other issues requiring scale and resiliency.

    Globally, technology decision makers in every organization have already made significant choices to respond to the crisis and are now leading a digital recovery. Technology is amongst the most powerful weapons in every organization’s arsenal for dealing with the ramifications of the COVID-19 pandemic and re-imaging business for the future. 

    What this means for business


    Businesses need to support and enhance the workforce experience for collaboration and co-creation, whilst ensuring they secure the technology. Businesses will also need to enhance digital innovations and presence, as customer buying patterns continue to shift. Agility is key and the most nimble businesses will innovate and scale digital channels to engage their customer base.

    As organizations recover, it is essential to cast an eye on the future competitive landscape, considering which changes wrought by the crisis will constitute a “next normal.” Those technology leaders able to get ahead of these shifts will help their organizations thrive beyond the near and intermediate terms. Three longer-term priority areas represent a good start:

    ·          Reimagine customer experience by focusing on human-centered design

    ·          Bridge the physical and digital worlds to deliver new value

    ·          Establish trust as a key business value

    Explore our Tech Strategy & Transformation page for more information.

    Key contact: Mark Lillie 

    Every business is a technology business.

    -Deloitte Tech Trends

    Redrawing the roadmap: Reset technology strategy to accelerate business

    Shaping your future through strategic collaboration


    In today’s complex business environment winning involves seeing beyond your own walls and collaborating with the right team. That’s where Deloitte’s Ecosystems & Alliances can help.

    By combining leading technology with our proven business acumen, we bring you complete, scalable, bespoke solutions like no one else can. And by tapping into the forefront of disruption, we can help you see years beyond today’s trends so you don’t just survive - but thrive - in a world of constant change. See some examples of our Ecosystems & Alliances below.


    Today’s uncertainty is a call to action and our worldwide team of SAP specialists is up for the challenge. We can help organizations rapidly reimagine and transform their businesses to deal with the COVID-19 crisis. Explore more. 

    Key Contact: Liz Fasciana


    Delivering the future of work across the enterprise, Deloitte helps our clients optimize business outcomes by leveraging ServiceNow as an end-to-end digital workflow platform. Explore more.

    Key Contacts: Dejan Slokar and Christopher Garibaldi

    Amazon Web Services

    When done right, cloud adoption can increase your speed to innovate, enable cloud security controls to protect your assets, and offer transformative opportunities for your business. Whether you are interested in leveraging AWS infrastructure, analytics, machine learning, or Internet of Things (IoT) to build and orchestrate business solutions, Deloitte is ready to help you take advantage of AWS' innovative technology services. Explore more.

    Key Contact: Gordon Shields


    As a premier partner of Google Cloud and the Services Partner of the Year for three consecutive years, Deloitte helps you realize your possible fast—and at scale—no matter where you are on your transformation journey. That means extended presence at the drop of a dime, agile capacity that can anticipate and react to business change quickly, and a future-proof legacy just waiting to be fulfilled. Explore more.


    From remote working to digital finance to dynamic supply chain management, companies are turning to the cloud to navigate disruption and connect to all humans in their ecosystem. Oracle has the ability to connect your entire business through a unified suite of cloud applications and platform services. And Deloitte can help your organization to transform and innovate continuously with Oracle Cloud products. Explore more.

    Key Contact: Craig Smith


    Deloitte’s vision is simple: Empower clients to reimagine how they connect and engage along the customer journey. Deloitte's goal is to be the best in the world at driving digital transformation using the Salesforce platform. By redefining the digital customer experience, you can look forward to stronger brand loyalty, a better a customer relationship, and a sales process so personal it feels effortless. Explore more.

    Key Contact: Paul Clemmons

    Explore our Ecosystems & Alliances page for more information. 

    Key contact: Andrew Vas 

    Deloitte’s relationships with some of the world’s leading companies deliver the value of strategic collaboration. Combined with our award-winning consulting services, business acumen, and creative minds, these connections can help you sense and shape the markets of tomorrow.

    Ecosystems and alliances



      Cloud solutions are not merely a nice-to-have technology upgrade. They are the digital innovation that’s essential for any organization wanting to embrace the future and succeed in a world driven by data and insight-rich decision making.

      Align your cloud decisions to business goals, identify and solve key challenges and never let cloud technology itself obscure your business judgement. We help our clients deliver cloud adoption strategies that consider technical as well as business outcomes, risk, operations and security to deliver against a vision in iterative phases that evolve as your needs develop.

      What this means for business


      Technology leaders have the opportunity to show visionary leadership and execution by advocating a cloud-first approach and aggressively migrating to cloud services. There are obvious advantages to cloud-based services and infrastructure, and a pandemic like COVID-19 make them all the more relevant. They provide the convenience of accessing services from anywhere, anytime, from virtually any device. New workflows can be pushed out quickly to enable self-service capabilities and on-the-fly process and configuration changes. Cloud-based service providers also have the elasticity of scaling solutions, such as bandwidth and computing capacity, based on needs—a critical capability especially when the scope and scale of the outbreak is not known. But longer term, cloud-based solutions are critical for organizations to achieve quicker time to market, creating self-service solutions for business and providing sandboxes for experimentation and innovation.

      Ultimately, Cloud computing can help large numbers of independent organizations to connect and collaborate at scale in much more flexible ways. If there’s one lesson to draw from the crisis on cloud, it’s that companies that have invested in cloud-based platform approaches and modern architectures to support them (e.g. microservices, API strategies, low-code approaches) have been more effective in scaling to cater to the challenges posed by COVID-19.

      Explore our Cloud page for more information.

      Key contact: John Ciaramella and Paul Mordue

      Some see cloud as technology. Not you. You see it as possibility—the power to put insight at the heart of your business, the agility to put invention into the hands of your people, the speed to delight your customers. At Deloitte Cloud, we see what’s possible, too.

      Rebounding from COVID-19: Cloud platform perspective



      Our Cyber Risk services help clients address threats from malicious actors to build smarter, faster, more connected futures. Using human insight, technological innovation, and comprehensive solutions, we manage cyber everywhere so society—and your organization—can go anywhere.

      As you lead your digital recovery it is important that security, compliance, and privacy requirements are embedded in plans. Today, more than ever, it is no longer a question of if you will experience a cyberattack, but when. Cyber capabilities must therefore do more than address the threats that exist now. Tomorrow’s challenges are different than today’s. How can you stay ahead? 

      What this means for business


      COVID-19 and the resultant large-scale deployment of workers across a sprawling network of remote locations has put the security and availability of systems under significant stress. The unprecedented spike in remote traffic overwhelmed VPNs and choked access control. Remote work also exposed many unpatched systems that left privileged access out in the open, unprotected by corporate firewalls. In the span of a few short weeks, phishing emails spiked 667 percent. There were other issues as well, such as collaboration apps getting hacked. Technology leaders will need to test current and proposed solutions for stability and security in a variety of operating environments and offer reliable, scalable tools that provide consistent service levels.

      Explore our Cyber page for more information.

      Additional resources

      Key contact: Emily Mossburg

      Rather than being constrained by cyber risks, take full advantage of every technological opportunity. Perform better, solve complex problems, and manage cyber everywhere so you can go anywhere.

      Rebounding from COVID-19: Cyber perspectives

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