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Changing the world with the muppets of Sesame Street

CMO Today; December 6, 2019

Sesame Street’s iconic characters aren’t just cute and cuddly—they’re moving the needle on critical social issues around the globe. >

Concerns mount across regions: Global CFO signals

CFO Journal; December 4, 2019

CFOs’ darkening pessimism is shading their view of bright spots ahead. >

How digitally capable is your organization?

CMO Today; December 4, 2019

A new book identifies 23 traits that define digital maturity and suggest ways organizations can focus their transformation efforts. >

Weekly global economic update

December 3, 2019

Hong Kong is in a recession; a continued downward trend for global trade; rising household debt in China raising concerns; modest gains in household income and spending in the United States. >

Leverage the power of purpose

CMO Today; December 3, 2019

For marketers looking to direct strategic choices across the organization, authentic and sustained purpose is more important than ever. >

Blockchain adoption: An industry-by-industry update

CIO Journal; December 2, 2019

Leaders across a wide range of industries firmly grasp blockchain's transformative potential, but each sector is finding its own ways to leverage the technology’s possibilities. >

Six cloud migration questions for CFOs

CFO Journal; December 2, 2019

While cloud-based technology has compelling advantages, CFOs want more insight into how to get the most value from it. >

Cost concerns, sporadic investment hinder enterprise risk management

Risk & Compliance Journal version; December 2, 2019

The quest for mature approaches to extended enterprise risk management is hamstrung by cost concerns in many organizations, leaving some potential benefits unattained. >