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Critical traits of digitally capable enterprises

CIO Journal; November 15, 2019

A new book identifies 23 traits that define digital maturity and suggest ways organizations can focus their transformation efforts. >

Use speed to outpace the cyberthreat paradox

CIO Journal; November 14, 2019

It seems counterintuitive that accelerating adoption of new technologies—the ones that may open businesses to new threats—can be an effective defensive strategy, but that may be the case. >

Issues to consider before an IPO

Risk & Compliance Journal; November 14, 2019

Preparing an IR strategy for going public requires more than just a focus on past performance. >

Prudential chief actuary: Strategic support for finance and the business

CFO Journal; November 13, 2019

Candace Woods, Prudential’s chief actuary, discusses how technology is making actuarial a more effective contributor to strategy, and how Prudential is working to expand diversity opportunities starting in high school. >

Weekly global economic update

November 12, 2019

The prospects for a China-US trade deal this week, progress in Asian economic integration – without India, reforms in France find success. >

The business case for conversational AI

CIO Journal; November 11, 2019

Technology advances and marketplace factors are enabling the growing success of conversational AI systems, which can benefit the enterprise across a number of areas. >