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Deloitte Digital launches operations in Central Europe

Creating a new model for new age

The combination of interactive agency with strategic and technological consulting in the area of digital transformation creates a unique and revolutionary model of digital consulting agency, defining a new category on the Polish market.

Warsaw, 22 October 2015 r. – Deloitte Digital, global digital consulting agency, part of Deloitte, launches operations in Central Europe and starts from acquiring Digital One, one of the most experienced digital agencies in Poland, based in Lodz. The combination of creative and marketing execution capabilities of Digital One with Deloitte’s strategy and technology consulting  and industry knowledge defines a brand new, disruptive model in this category, built on the biggest, complementary assets of both digital agency and a consultancy. The results have proven that this model works in the US and globally.

Deloitte Digital, named by Advertising Age, global magazine on marketing and media, a second largest digital agency worldwide, launches operations in Central Europe and starts from acquiring Digital One, one of the most experienced digital agencies in Poland, based in Lodz.

“Deloitte Digital is creating a new model for a new age. We are unique combination of a digital agency and consultancy under one, integrated, global practice. Our combination of industry focused strategy consulting and design-led technology capabilities with creative and marketing skills of a digital agency will allow us to help our clients in the way traditional consultancies or agencies can’t” says Zbigniew Szczerbetka, Leader of Deloitte Digital for Central Europe.

As a result of the acquisition Digital One will now operate under Deloitte Digital global brand. Olgierd Cygan, its founder and CEO, joins Deloitte Digital as a partner, and will lead Digital Agency offering within Deloitte Digital practice in Poland and Central Europe.

“We are joining Deloitte Digital because of the vast potential we see in this combination. I think it will allow us to grow even faster than before. We also subscribe fully to this definition of new category, which Deloitte Digital represents. Digital marketing is transforming and evolving rapidly.   We find the new model, the combination of strategy, technology and creative as potentially extremely disruptive. We want to be part of this disruption.” adds Olgierd Cygan. says Olgierd Cygan, CEO of Digital One.

Acquiring Digital One, an agency with almost 100 staff, will give Deloitte Digital immediate access to solid and proven digital agency capabilities. It is however only the first stage of Deloitte’s investment plan, which includes further broadening of the scope of services as well as territorial presence of Deloitte Digital in Central Europe and beyond, with the intention to create a digital marketing execution hub serving other markets in Europe.

Deloitte Digital approach to integrating new businesses in every part of the world underlines the importance of preservation of the unique organizational culture of creative agencies.

“Deloitte Digital is part of Deloitte family, but we recognize that the unique culture is the key part of the “awesome sauce” of any great marketing agency. We would like to preserve it. Therefore we run Deloitte Digital as a network of ‘studios’ with high degree of autonomy. We would like them to maintain a startup culture while being part a global consulting powerhouse. We like their informality,, flexible, hierarchy-free operating style, relaxed atmosphere, but at the same time uncompromising attitude to quality and aesthetics and commitment to close, iterative collaboration with customers. For employees of Deloitte Digital, as well as for customers who enjoy working with us this way, it is very appealing.” - says Zbigniew Szczerbetka.

This is another move by Deloitte, who have only just recently acquired Stratosfera, a leading marketing strategy agency earlier this year.

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