BEPS Action 5

Counter harmful tax practices more effectively, taking into account transparency and substance

Description of this action in OECD's Action Plan (July 2013)

Revamp the work on harmful tax practices with a priority on improving transparency, including compulsory spontaneous exchange on rulings related to preferential regimes, and on requiring substantial activity for any preferential regime. It will take a holistic approach to evaluate preferential tax regimes in the BEPS context. It will engage with non-OECD members on the basis of the existing framework and consider revisions or additions to the existing framework.

Expected output and deadline for this action in OECD's Action Plan (July 2013)

Expected output 1: Finalize review of member country regimes
Deadline: September 2014

Expected output 2: Strategy to expand participation to non-OECD members
Deadline: September 2015

Expected output 3: Revision of existing criteria
Deadline: December 2015

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