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Premium global fashion

True Alliance, a retailer, distributor, and licensee of international fashion, athletic, and accessories brands, has spent decades earning the trust of apparel and accessories makers whose products it markets and sells across Australia and New Zealand. The Sydney-based company credits its deep experience in shared services for helping overseas brands run their businesses as seamlessly as they would in their own showrooms back home.

“If you want to come into this market without all of the costs involved we give you multiple choices,” says David Smith, the company’s CEO. “Our strategy fits in with the modern shared economy.”

The company’s value proposition includes its local insights, fast onboarding processes, and infrastructure built on leading IT solutions, supported by automated warehouse and logistics service capabilities. The company operates 20 e-commerce sites built and managed by internal resources on behalf of its clients.

The individual brands are very much managed as discrete domains. True Alliance maintains virtual firewalls between the companies it represents, each with its own general manager who helps guarantee independence. For instance, none of the brands within the portfolio has access to the other’s systems, including sales, inventory, or profitability figures.

“We protect the individual integrity of the brand,” says Smith. “It's really important that they see that they're being managed by a specialist, that you're looking after their brand’s sales and marketing individually, in a bespoke way.”

True Alliance began in the 1980s as the sole distributor of an international footwear brand in Australia before diversifying to represent other brands and building the breadth of services it offers today. That includes its shared services model and its best-in-class digital marketing and e-commerce capabilities, which allows its clients to focus on growing their sales and market share without the high cost and complication of establishing a corporate office.

We know the complications of running brands in this market, and we’ve developed these systems over many years,” Smith says. “We can leverage our capabilities to get a brand onboarded in a matter of months, without the need for them to invest in expensive infrastructure to manage their businesses.

In addition to opening stores – and overseeing the inventory, staffing, and operational aspects of brick-and-mortar retail – True Alliance helps foreign companies establish subsidiaries in the Australian market. By doing so, the companies can take advantage of True Alliance’s back-office capabilities.

“We flexed our business model,” says Roni Perlov, the company’s chief financial officer. “Our clients which include the subsidiaries of large US listed companies can focus on growing their businesses and executing their global strategies with the comfort and knowledge that we provide a best-in-class infrastructure to support their growth.”

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