Central Europe Tax & Legal Highlights

November 2016

Welcome to the Tax & Legal Highlights. This page will provide you with the latest information on tax and legal related issues from around our Central European region. For more specific information – choose your country and find out more about local tax practices and news around the region.

Country Highlights

Additions and amendments to the Law no. 9920, dated 19.05.2008 “On Tax Procedures” - summary of the main changes, classified according to their type/intention

Amendments to the Law on Securing Charges


Ordinance No. 37 from 19 October 2016 for Aviation Operators

New Ordinance on the Credit Intermediaries

New Independent Financial Audit Act


Czech Republic
Amendment to the Income Tax Act in the Chamber of Deputies

Automatic Exchange of Information. What Will the Tax Authority Find Out About Us

The SAC Confirms again the Key Role of the Accrual Principle

Tax-deductible Research and Development Item

New Act on Income Taxes

Cost Sharing for Entities Providing Supplies Exempt from VAT Reality or Fiction?


2017 legislation amendments


Law No. 05/L-120 On Trepça

Law Nо. 05/L-010 “On Kosovo Property Comparison And Verification Agency”

Agreement between the Government of the Republic of Kosovo and the Government of the Unated Arab Emirates on the Mutual Promotion and Protection of Investments

Regulation on Prevention of Money Laundering and Terrorism Financing

Regulation on Reporting of Supplementary Pension Funds


Launch of the Smart tax administration system (i.MAS)

The registration of taximeters without “memory” discontinued

New edition of the rules of disclosure of non-confidential information about the taxpayer for the third parties

The law on charity and aid of Republic of Lithuania has been amended

The Law on Crowdfunding has been adopted

Amendments regarding remote identity verification


IP addresses classified as personal data - Crucial verdict of the Court of Justice of the European Union


New versions of the VAT structure and Tax Revenue and Expense Ledger for the Standard Audit File


National Treasury Administration


Planned changes in liquid fuels licences


State subsidies to stimulate employment

Preliminary proposals for the Code of Cultural Heritage

Law no. 225/2016 amending and supplementing Law no. 51/2006 on community public utilities services 

Amending and supplementing the Government Decision no. 500/2011 on the general registry of employees

2016 Combined Nomenclature

FATCA has been approved

The European Commission has adopted a new common procedure for denaturing alcohol, effective from 1 August 2017

The High Court of Cassation and Justice ruled that a person performing work in favor and under the supervision of another party in the absence of a written individual employment agreement may file a declaratory judgment action in view of ascertaining the existence of employment relations and the legal effects thereof

Tax agreement between Hong Kong and Romania ratified by Romania

Tax agreement between Hong Kong and Romania ratified by Romania

New customs simplification – Submission of customs declaration prior to the presentation of goods to customs

New Law on public-private partnership


Proposal to Change the 2016 Corporate Income Tax Return Form

Amendment to Act No. 595/2003 Coll. on Income Tax, as Amended (hereinafter the “ITA”) and Act No. 580/2004 Coll. on Health Insurance and on Amendment to and Supplementation of Act No. 95/2002 Coll. on Insurance Industry and on Amendment to and Supplementation of Certain Acts, as Amended (hereinafter the “HIA”)

Information on the Depreciation of Leased-out Tangible Assets

Information on the Application of Tax-Deductible Expenses with Respect to Assets Acquired Under a Finance Lease

Information on the Reclassification of Tangible Assets of Individuals from Personal Use to Business Assets

Judgment of the Court of Justice of the EU with Respect to Personal Income Tax

Notice on VAT Return Filings if VAT Payer Registration Changes During the Taxation Period

Information on the Payment or Receipt of Advances for Intra-Community Supplies of Goods

Court of Justice of the European Union – VAT 

Amendment to the Act on Prevention of Legalisation of Proceeds of Criminal Activity and Terrorist Financing

Act on Trust Services for Electronic Transactions in the Internal Market and on Amendment to and Supplementation of Certain Acts (the Trust Services Act)



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