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Combating COVID-19: Explore geographic-specific issues

As COVID-19’s impact spreads around the globe, leaders like you need to understand the crisis not only in your own country—but anywhere you do business. This page compiles insights from regions and countries that can help you act in this crisis with empathy and action.

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Confronting the COVID-19 crisis | Deloitte Insights

There is no playbook for doing business in the time of COVID-19, but resilient, compassionate, and foresighted leadership helps. In this podcast, Deloitte US Partner Mike Kearney talks to seven Deloitte leaders from across the globe on how to lead companies, employees, and clients through a pandemic.

What might be expected of consumer spending in a COVID-19-driven business cycle?

The COVID-19 pandemic is expected to hit consumer spending and trigger a recession in the United States. To understand how spending may evolve in a likely downturn and subsequent recovery, we analyze previous business cycles while acknowledging that this is an unprecedented situation.

COVID-19: Tax considerations for helping employees

Insights for Canadian tax leaders facing COVID-19 Source: Canada

United States Economic Forecast

The coronavirus outbreak is driving changes to the US economy so quickly as to make forecasting even more challenging than usual. But we can pin down both short- and long-term ways in which this shock is affecting the economy.

US policy response to COVID-19 aims to set the stage for recovery

​How does Deloitte’s current “best case” forecast of recession to recovery compare with what the United States experienced from 2007 to 2009?

COVID-19 and the board: A chair’s point of view

This perspective examines how the work of boards at this pivotal moment will be a critical factor in an organization’s ability to emerge from the current crisis and push forward into a new era of economic recovery and opportunity for the benefit of all stakeholders.

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ConvergeHEALTH Connect for Crisis Response

Using AI in the fight against COVID-19, Deloitte US provides a new pandemic response offering build on the Salesforce Health Cloud

Canada economic outlook

The COVID-19 outbreak and ensuing disruptions will likely lead to a recession. Uncertainty will remain until there is clarity over when containment can be relaxed.

Highlights of the CARES Act | Deloitte US

Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act

Financial reporting considerations related to COVID-19 and an economic downturn | Deloitte US

Deloitte US discusses certain key accounting and financial reporting considerations related to conditions that may result from the COVID-19 pandemic as well as various industry-specific considerations.

Safety: An essential ingredient to your recover strategy

As leaders take their feet off the brakes and move forward with reentry plans, Deloitte US offers 5 considerations for establishing your next normal.

European CFO Survey Spring 2020

This edition of the European CFO Survey is chiefly focused on how business leaders and policy makers are adapting to the new, unpredictable environment brought about by COVID-19.

COVID-19’s impact on China’s consumer products & retail industries

Series of articles from Deloitte China provides insight into the impact of COVID-19 on China’s consumer products and retail industries, how companies have responded, and what they can do to recover and thrive post crisis.

The impact of COVID-19 on China's pharmaceuticals industry

With the breakout of COVID-19, Deloitte China's Life Sciences & Health Care Industry team initiated a survey to understand the virus' impact on China pharmaceutical industry and measure the longer-term impact this could eventually have on their business model and operating processes.

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Six predictions for China's pharma & health care sector

What are some potential impacts of COVID-19 on China's health care sector? Discover six predictions in this piece from Deloitte China.

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Impact of COVID-19 on China's economy

COVID-19 hit the Chinese economy unexpectedly in January 2020. Explore the potential impact across sectors in this Deloitte Research Outlook.

Unlocking the lockdown: Asia Pacific’s road to recovery

We expect that Asia-Pacific economies, led by China, are poised to begin an economic recovery sometime in the third quarter—but downside risks still remain.

Combating COVID-19 with resilience

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