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Oil & Gas
Oil and gas trends in Latin America: A look at 2017 and beyonds

6 September, 2 p.m. ET, 18:00 GMT

Host: Andrew Slaughter, managing director, Deloitte Services LLP

Despite record-high oil prices over the last decade and the dramatic rise of US shale, Latin American oil and gas production has not grown as rapidly as expected. With major political reforms in key countries and renewed investment from both independent and national oil companies, is investment or production at an inflection point? We'll discuss:

  • Current business and political challenges facing exploration and production (E&P) companies in Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, and Venezuela.
  • The challenges, risks, and opportunities of current sectoral reforms underway.
  • Implementation considerations and possible operational challenges within accounting, tax, and IT departments.
  • How E&P companies can adapt and thrive in a changing business environment.

Learn how current trends and events in Latin America are shaping the future of E&P activity.

Technology, Media, & Telecommunications
The future of connectivity: Far-reaching implications for almost every business

26 September, 1 p.m. ET, 17:00 GMT

Host: Craig Wigginton, partner, Deloitte Services LP

The accelerating world of connectivity has important implications for almost every aspect of business, reshaping competitive landscapes and opening new market opportunities. What new demands could confront suppliers of connectivity, providers of related devices and services, and industries trying to gain competitive advantage? We'll discuss:

  • Hot areas of connectivity, including evolving infrastructure, new operating models, and service innovations.
  • The explosion in wireless options, including protocol archetypes, use cases, and a framework for selection.
  • The path to value, including a framework for managing growth and costs, the SDN and NFV relationship, and partnership ecosystems.

Gain insights on the changing wireless landscape and learn about trade-offs and disruptions as the future of connectivity unfolds.

Archived Webcasts

Technology, Media, & Telecommunications
Revenue recognition: Year-end considerations for technology companies

26 July 2017

Host: Joe Talley, partner, Deloitte & Touche LLP

The FASB's new revenue recognition standard likely means myriad changes to companies' financial reporting processes and systems, from accounting and internal controls to information technology, compensation, and more. What should technology companies be prepared for in the second half of 2017? We'll discuss:

  • Key accounting issues and potential challenges for technology businesses.
  • Potential SEC-related implications of the revenue pronouncement, from IPO considerations to enhanced disclosures.
  • Implementation considerations and possible operational challenges within accounting, tax, and IT departments.
  • Best practices for companies to coordinate with their auditors.

Gain new insights on these and other issues as technology companies continue preparations to operationalize the new revenue recognition standard.

Oil & Gas
Digital capital projects: Optimizing the journey with emerging technologies

12 July 2017

Host: Mike Whalen, managing director, Deloitte Transactions and Business Analytics LLP

Often, owners undertaking major capital projects are burdened by inefficient and outdated processes and technology. What value could be added by leveraging emerging technologies in the planning, delivery, and operation of major capital projects? We'll discuss:

  • How to build digital capabilities and harness technologies to drive capital project performance to new efficiency frontiers.
  • How to identify the data foundation needed for digital capital projects.
  • The organizational design needed to support a digital delivery platform and the cultural changes required.

Learn about several areas of business value that can be realized when a forward-looking digital strategy for major capital projects is adopted.

Technology, Media & Telecommunications
Media consumption trends: Multigenerational perspectives and implications

26 April 2017

Host: Kevin Westcott, principal, Deloitte & Touche LLP

Important trends are unfolding in 2017 for technology, media, and telecommunications (TMT) companies. How might these new developments reshape your strategic planning? We'll discuss:

  • Increasingly sophisticated media consumption habits, product and device ownership, mobile app usage, streaming video, binge watching, social media use, and advertising.
  • How technology use and content consumption differs by generation.
  • How business models and economics are evolving and adapting to new technologies and consumer behaviors.

Get a first view of new results from Deloitte's Digital Democracy survey, 11th edition and explore ways emerging media consumption trends might impact your strategic planning.

Oil & Gas
Innovation in oil and gas: Trajectory, velocity, and composition

5 April 2017

Host: John England, partner, Deloitte & Touche LLP

Oil and gas companies employ a variety of unconventional methods for extraction and production. What are recent developments in technologies and processes, and how do they compare to innovations in other industries? We'll discuss:

  • How patent filings and cross-citations reveal trends in innovation for the oil and gas industry.
  • The importance of the pace and reach of innovation in the oil and gas industry as compared with other industries.
  • A focus on innovation in hydraulic fracturing for unconventional oil and natural gas development.

Explore how innovation in the oil and gas industry is enriched by, and enriches, innovation in other sectors.

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