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Oil, Gas, & Chemicals
Catalyzing innovation in chemicals: Pathways to long-term success

17 June, 2:00 PM ET (GMT-4)
Host: Duane Dickson, principal, Deloitte Consulting LLP

In a chemical industry that is rapidly changing, strategies and approaches that created value in the past may not work in an increasingly agile and digital world. Being able to leverage innovation could be a matter of survival in the future. We'll discuss:

  • Core values that could position a chemical company for the agility needed to innovate continually.
  • Attributes that could enable a chemical company to innovate ahead of its peers.
  • Types of companies that are likely to successfully leverage innovation and what they might do differently.

Participants will identify what creates long-term value in a chemical company and explore ways to develop a strong foundation for innovation.

Technology, Media, & Telecommunications
Digital media trends 2020: Multigenerational insights and implications

23 June, 1:00 PM ET (GMT-4)
Host: Sandy Shirai, principal, Deloitte Consulting LLP

As digital media evolves, consumers across age groups are changing the way they use and consume content. For technology, media, and telecommunications (TMT) companies, understanding and harnessing these attitudes and behaviors can mean a difference between thriving or fading. We'll discuss:

  • Evolution of consumer appetite for video and other content types, product and device ownership, streaming services, data privacy, and advertising.
  • How technology use and content consumption differ by generation.
  • How business models and economics are evolving and adapting to new technologies and consumer behaviors.

Participants will gain insights from Deloitte's Digital Media Trends, 14th edition, and determine how these trends might affect strategic planning for TMT companies.

Archived Webcasts

Technology, Media, & Telecommunications
Leveraging cloud beyond the back office

26 February 2020

Host: Sandy Shirai, principal, Deloitte Consulting LLP

Many technology, media, and telecommunications companies have embraced the cloud for back-office cost or operational efficiencies. Now opportunities abound to leverage the cloud further to foster innovation and speed to market across their various products and services. We'll discuss:

  • The evolving landscape surrounding cloud-enabled products and services.
  • The shift from stand-alone products to fully connected, internet of things (IOT)-focused products.
  • How ROI optimization, cost reduction, and scarcity of cloud experts are fueling the push for cloud engineering services to foster research and development (R&D), product development, and services.

Participants will explore ways that cloud and product engineering capabilities can support design, development, and sustenance of cloud-enabled integrated products throughout the product development life cycle.


Technology, Media, & Telecommunications
TMT outlook 2020: Innovation and disruption continue unabated

29 January 2020

Host: Sandy Shirai, principal, Deloitte Consulting LLP

Important trends are shaping the technology, media, and telecommunications (TMT) industry. What developments should you anticipate for 2020? We'll discuss:

  • Technology trends, including technologies such as cloud, edge computing, and AI, that are enabling experimentation, innovation, agility, and organizations' digital transformation journeys, as well as fueling the growing importance of strategic partnerships.
  • Telecommunications trends, including building the infrastructure for, managing customer expectations of, and developing enterprise applications for 5G technology.
  • Media and entertainment trends, including the continued evolution of streaming services and advertising, and new opportunities within sports and live entertainment.

Participants will explore implications of these trends and assess how they may affect the TMT industry throughout 2020.

Technology, Media, & Telecommunications
Mobile and device trends: Consumer shifts in new age of wireless

17 December 2019

Host: Daniel Littmann, partner, Deloitte Consulting, LLP

The arrival of fifth-generation (5G) wireless technology represents a seismic change for the TMT industry. How is 5G not only changing the telecommunications infrastructure, but also reframing the consumer ecosystem and driving shifts in how users interact with devices and connectivity? We'll discuss:

  • How mobile customers are preparing to adapt to a changing wireless environment.
  • Issues influencing consumer decisions about devices and connectivity.
  • Critical challenges and opportunities that could hinder or boost product penetration among consumers.

Participants will learn results of Deloitte's inaugural mobile trends survey and analyze ways these trends might affect the strategic planning of any company with a consumer mobile business model.

Oil, Gas, & Chemicals
US shales: A closer look at factors driving operational excellence

12 December 2019

Host: Duane Dickson, principal, Deloitte Consulting LLP

The US shale boom's last 10 years have been a story of divergent performances and relentless focus on operational enhancements. What explains this divergence, and where are the operational gaps and hidden opportunities? We'll discuss:

  • What explains the growth of US shales—geology, surface planning, or well engineering?
  • How performance, drivers, and learnings vary by shale basins and groups of companies.
  • Winning equations and success metrics of top producers.
  • Optimum points where productivity and economics cross over.

Participants will explore the evolution of US shale plays, examine the learning curve of operators, diagnose performance gaps and divergences, and discover key signposts for the future of the shale industry.

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