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Staying on top of all the legal issues for your day-to-day activities and corporate life events in many jurisdictions is a challenge, especially in this current environment. That's why Deloitte Legal launched Dbriefs, live webcasts, to help you gain insights on key legal trends and critical issues affecting your global business operations.

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Employment Law
Pay Equity In A Global Context: Key Topics And Trends For An Equitable Workplace

7 December 2021
Host: Nicolaas Vermandel
Presenters: Kathryn Dooks, Wendy Van Hullebusch, Jessica Kearsey
and Robert O’Hara, Ann Knuckles Mahoney (Epstein Becker Green)

More and more companies focus on pay equity for a number of motives, such as ESG, employer branding, talent attraction and increased legal scrutiny.
Organisations should be mindful of pay discrepancies that might still exist
within job bands and analyse them based on gender, race, sexual orientation and other categories protected by law as any missteps can be very damaging. What changes might your organisation still need to make? We’ll discuss:

  • Key components of a pay equity audit, including the importance of conducting an audit under legal privilege.
  • Latest pay equity trends.
  • A global overview of evolving pay equity laws and legislation, with a focus on the US, UK and Canada.

Learn more about the pay equity audit landscape.



On-demand webcasts

Employment Law
Back To Work, Back To The Office 

29 September 2021
Host: Ivana Azzollini
Presenters: Fernando Bazan, Andrew Howard, Jennifer Barna (Epstein Becker Green) 

The post pandemic environment has triggered a variety of issues, which need to be addressed when starting to plan return to work procedures. Join our experts from Europe, Israel and US, along with our guest speaker from Epstein Becker Green, for their global insights. What does your organisation need to consider when organising an office return? We’ll discuss:

  • Green pass (or equivalent) issues in the employment environment: workplace and common spaces.
  • Data protection issues on collection and treatment of green pass (or equivalent).
  • Alternative options: between new organisation and the pursuit of performance.
  • What’s hot: case law and more.

Understand how you can lead your organisation through the transition back to the office. 



Employment Law
Hybrid Working In A Post-COVID World

7 July 2021
Host: Nicolaas Vermandel
Presenters: Wendy van Hullebusch, Isabella Gandini, Marian Bloodworth, Nancy Gunzenhauser Popper (Epstein Becker Green)

The legal framework for working from home around the globe has become key
to ensuring organisations succeed in a post-COVID world. What are the aspects
to consider when organising hybrid working (office/home) in this new
environment? We’ll discuss:

  • Introducing a structured home working plan for your workforce.
  • Requirements for information and consultation procedures.
  • Paying relevant allowances.   
  • Infrastructure necessary. 
  • Other aspects such as work/life balance.

Understand how you can plan ahead for your business with global insights from continental Europe, UK, US and Latin America. 



Employment Law
Covid-19 vaccination protocols from a legal perspective

16 June 2021
Host: Ivana Azzollini
Presenters: David Williams, Fernando Bazan, Jennifer Barna (Epstein Becker Green), and Noa Kamzel (Western Digital)

With COVID-19 vaccination taking place throughout Europe and the United States, employers should be evaluating several issues that may impact their workforce, including whether they can make vaccination mandatory, how to encourage their workforce to get vaccinated, if they can request for employee’s vaccination status, etc. What legal actions can employers take on their workforce with respect to vaccination? We’ll discuss:

  • Whether employers can impose vaccination of their workforce?
  • If not, what other measures employers can take.
  • Whether employers can organise their own vaccination programme.
  • Lessons learned.

Corporate and M&A
Negotiation of M&A contracts in Covid-19 times: Lessons learned

25 May 2021
Host: David Roelens
Presenters: Giuseppe Francesco Mirarchi, Dr. Michael von Rueden, and Hans Vansweevelt

The Covid-19 pandemic has sent a shockwave around the world and brought much of life to a grinding halt. It does not seem to have done the same for M&A, as transaction numbers remain steady and the market even seems to thrive. But if the volume of transactions has not changed, then what has? Our webcast will present viewpoints on this matter from across Europe and will dive deeper into the actual effects of Covid-19 on the M&A practice. Did what we expected at the beginning of the pandemic actually materialise? We'll discuss:

  • M&A and Covid-19: it goes on (current market overview).
  • Negotiation long distance – impact on timing and outcome of transactions?
  • A shift towards a buyer's market: expectations challenged.
    • Deal certainty.
    • Due diligence.
    • Price: determination and payment.
    • Risk allocation mechanisms.
    • Specific contractual (Term sheet/SPA) clauses.
  • Virtual signings and closings across Europe, where are we?

Gain an insight on the current M&A trends and Covid-19 impact from our M&A specialists on the Dbriefs Legal webcast panel. 

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