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Staying on top of all the legal issues for your day-to-day activities and corporate life events in many jurisdictions is a challenge, especially in this current environment. That's why Deloitte Legal launched Dbriefs, live webcasts, to help you gain insights on key legal trends and critical issues affecting your global business operations.

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Corporate and M&A
Negotiation of M&A contracts in Covid-19 times: Lessons learned

25 May, 12:00 – 1:00 PM CEST (GMT +2)
Host: David Roelens
Presenters: Giuseppe Francesco Mirarchi, Dr. Michael von Rueden, and Hans Vansweevelt

The Covid-19 pandemic has sent a shockwave around the world and brought much of life to a grinding halt. It does not seem to have done the same for M&A, as transaction numbers remain steady and the market even seems to thrive. But if the volume of transactions has not changed, then what has? Our webcast will present viewpoints on this matter from across Europe and will dive deeper into the actual effects of Covid-19 on the M&A practice. Did what we expected at the beginning of the pandemic actually materialise? We'll discuss:

  • M&A and Covid-19: it goes on (current market overview).
  • Negotiation long distance – impact on timing and outcome of transactions?
  • A shift towards a buyer's market: expectations challenged.
    • Deal certainty.
    • Due diligence.
    • Price: determination and payment.
    • Risk allocation mechanisms.
    • Specific contractual (Term sheet/SPA) clauses.
  • Virtual signings and closings across Europe, where are we?

Gain an insight on the current M&A trends and Covid-19 impact from our M&A specialists on the Dbriefs Legal webcast panel. 

On-demand webcasts

Employment Law
Hot topics in cross-border employment: Brexit and the Posted Workers Directive (PWD): Local implementation in different EU countries

31 March 2021
Host: Filip Van Overmeiren
Presenters: Kathryn Dooks, Wendy Van Hullebusch, Anushka Sinha, and Filip Van Overmeiren

In the field of cross-border employment, Brexit and on the revision of the Posted Workers Directive (PWD) are the main change driver at the moment. We will provide you with an overview of the state of play of these two hot topics.

With the end of the Brexit transition period on 31 December 2020 and the conclusion of the Trade and Cooperation Agreement, the EU has entered into a new era in its relationship with the UK. We look at the employment law, immigration and social security consequences for employers and what may lie ahead.

Since July 2020, employers sending workers across the EU have to take into account the stricter rules of the revised PWD. This directive introduces an "equal pay for equal work" principle and additional obligations regarding compliance with the host country's labor law. In this session, we will zoom in on the impact of the revised PWD from an employer's perspective and specifically on:

  • New PWD obligations for employers.
  • Current state of transposition in EU countries.
  • Managing PWD and equal pay for assignees and business travelers.

Employment Law
Remote work: Comparative analysis on local legislations in Canada, China, Germany, and the U.S.

9 December 2020
Host: Andrew Lilley
Presenters: Philippe Rose, Alexis Lemajic, Andrew Lilley, Klaus Heeke, Susan Gross Sholinsky, and Jolin Song

Whilst companies begin to reopen their offices in different parts of the world, many employees are working from home and may continue to work remotely after the pandemic is over. Employers need to be aware of how employment laws apply to the remote workplace, including hours of work, safety / injury reporting, confidential information, home network security, etc. Our webinar will present a comparative analysis of approaches in different geographies. In particular, we’ll discuss:

  • New local laws, regulations, and policies for remote working.
  • Practical issues and suggestions for the months ahead.
  • A checklist of other related points: taxation (including permanent establishment), immigration, and talent retention (managing employee concerns).

Join our Deloitte specialists who will share lessons learned, best practice, and identify priorities for employers in the next phase. 

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