The Social Progress Index

Partnering to measure what really matters

Measuring what matters to countries, regions and communities, for government, business and society

What is the Social Progress Index?

Relying only on a country’s GDP as the measure of progress provides an incomplete picture of human and societal development. Designed to complement GDP, the Social Progress Index provides an authoritative view on the things that matter most to people, across three dimensions:

  • Basic Human Needs – such as water and shelter
  • Foundations of Wellbeing – such as health and education
  • Opportunity – equality and personal rights


The Social Progress Index uses 50+ societal and environmental indicators to measure 133 countries, covering 94% of the world’s population.

For us the idea of the SPI is to support sustainability, and to give great ways of measuring and better planning for sustainable development on a country-wide, regional and business level.

Irena Pichola, Partner, Leader of Sustainability Consulting Central Europe, Deloitte

How does the Social Progress Index make an impact?

The Social Progress Index:

  • Empowers leaders to convene all the right local actors, global partners, and subject-matter experts necessary to develop and deploy meaningful solutions, through collaborations.
  • Develops a common language which government, business and civil society can use to communicate with each other more clearly on the issues that matter.
  • Enables leaders to systematically identify and prioritize issues through the Social Progress Index as well as through regional, local and community level social progress indices.
  • Acts as a road map to guide leaders’ resourcing, collaboration and investment decisions.

What makes a good society – a case study on Greece

Deloitte's strategic partnership with SPI

Deloitte is committed to making an impact that matters in society. Yet complex societal challenges demand collaboration. No one sector can do it alone. Deloitte Global and its member firms are working with Social Progress Imperative, a non-profit committed to change the way we measure what matters most. Read more about Social Progress Imperative.

Measuring Growth of Societies with GDP Alone Shows an Incomplete Picture

By Rafal Rudzki, Senior Manager at Sustainability Consulting Central Europe, Deloitte

Media partnership

Media partner for Social Progress Index 2016 in Central Europe is Emerging Europe.

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