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Add Deloitte as a safe sender

Not receiving email from Deloitte? Make sure you have identified the account as a "safe sender."

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If you have signed up to receive email from Deloitte on a personal email account and you have not received the email, it might be because it has been erroneously identified as spam. Your email service provider (e.g., gmail, yahoo, hotmail) probably uses some type of spam filter, but you can modify the filter to add Deloitte to the “white-list” of senders that you trust.

If you do not see the email from Deloitte in your inbox, please check your spam folder. This folder might be called “Spam,” “Junk,” “Trash,” “Bulk” or something similar.

Please check with your email service provider for instructions on changing your account settings to allow email from Deloitte. The function may be called one of the following:

  • Add a safe sender
  • Add to your trusted senders list
  • Mark sender as safe
  • Change safe and blocked senders
  • Add a filter
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